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Survey Results - Support kiteboarding to be included in the Olympic Games

FAQs - Survey Results - Support kiteboarding to be included in the Olympic Games

"To increase awareness of an amazing sport and to put some sex back into sailing."

"Kite-Hyrofoil is Magic in 5 knts of Wind to fly with 50km/h over the Water. That is what Olympics need to attract people to watch."

"Because Kiteboarding is a fast growing young dynamic water Sport all over the world. It will be something new in World of Sailing and brings new peoples to the Kite-Sport and to the Olympic. It will also allow the TV station, with some innovation, to publish attractive and action loaded pictures around the planet. And the cost of equipment allows nearly all over the world peoples to start with the sport Kitesurfing."

"A spectacular sport for spectators. The colour, the ocean, the appreciation of ultimate human achievement. I can't get enough of it. The best way to improve the Olympics."

"it's a loss of time and energy that could better be adressed to make better races for racers, going to the olympics games it only in the interest of the IKA and WS managers and not for the sport"

"Worlds most versatile water sport. Fastest sailing discipline. You can showcase the sport in front of the worlds largest cities. Guaranteed result. Racing in 5 knots is possible and attractive."

"It is a fast growing sport that is practiced all over the world including Japan. It is a great entertainment for spectators as well."

"kiteboarding is one of the most attractive sport. You can see kiteboarding on all of the beaches of the World. It has the cheapest equipment to go sailing on the water. It would be nice that all of these people get a dream and idols on Olympic Games."

"To help promote a pathway for the new, dynamic and exciting sport. The current kite foil performance outstrips any water craft for speed and angles and makes for a great public spectical"

"Kite hydro-foiling is simply the fastest sailing race-class there is. Off course it should be in the Olympics."

"It is a very spectacular sport, it shows how high is tge technical progress in sailing. It us very beautiful and the format of racing could attract more people to watch it on TV! It is also very acceptable because you can travel with your foil and kites all over the world"

"The addition of snowboarding started the needed evolutionion of the winter olympics to include now formats that attracts the future generations"

"Kitefoil racing is right at the cutting edge of kiteboarding and sailing. It is fresh, youthful and intelligent. The Olympics and sailing in general needs kiteboarding."

"It's a modern, fast and exciting form of sailing for spectators and the global audience to watch. It's very "on point"

"Because it requires hard work and dedication to getthe best results as in any sport. It's also one of the most growing sports around the globe."

"It' shouldn't be. The sport will be perceived as "old fashion" will get old and die soon."

"It would be the fastest sailing class in the olympics and it has great appeal to the youth as is it fast and affordable"

"Becouse it is a great opportunity to refresh sailing. Fleet of colourfull kites looks spectacular on the water. Races are conducted close to the beach. This sport is media friendly and will bring young generation to follow Olympic Games."

"I have been a big sailor all my life. I think kiteboarding opens doors for sailors and everyone else involved. Kiteboarding involves tactics and athletic ability. It is a sport that is continuing to grow every day."

"Kiteboarding is one of the most extreme water sport. Like snowboarding. It must be one of the popular Olympic game."

"Kite racing is exciting both for the participants as well as the spectators. Even at low wind speeds the performance is high."

"I think it is very representative of todays advance in sailing technology and it appeals to the younger generation of sportsmen."

"Because kiteboarding is an emerging sport available in many countries around the world that is more accessible and affordable than other sailing disciplines. Fun to watch also!!"

"Sailing event in the Olympics must be more dynamic and easier to understand by the viewer. Also less elitistic (expensive) and younger!"

"I don't"

"It is an exciting, affordable new type of sailing practiced by many small countries who could get a chance at a medal. I see kite racing as an interesting opportunity to be part of winter sport program too. Up north we race on skis and snowboards before water. This way we could see the sport as a winter and summer sport."

"I believe kiteboarding should be in the Olympics because kite foiling is at the pinnacle of sailboat racing! I'm sure it's here to stay! The Olympics is all about the greatest athletes competing against each other in the purest means of the sport. Kite foiling is the most efficient and exciting sports on the water to this day. To not allocate a spot for kite foiling would be foolish when at this day in age our sport is centralized to be more viewer friendly. The art of kite foiling is the equivalent to ballerinas with out all of the downsides..."

"Kiteboarding is one of the more globally accessable sports that sailing has access too that gives a more equal oppotunity to riders from all parts of the world and not just the ones from well funded countries"

"To an unknowing eye, sailing might appear as a relatively laid-back sport in which the skipper just sits in a boat and gently guides the sail to let the wind do its work. But being a sailor myself, I know how much of a workout sailing can be - both mentally and physically. It is a constant balance between focusing on boat speed and mentally updating the optimal route based on judgment of the conditions and positions of opponents. It is a true test of fitness. This is perhaps even more so the case with kiteboarding because due to lack of a stable hull to sit in, it requires even more strength to control than does sailing. Just like a windsurfer, a kiteboarder must have exceptional balance skills but as a result can achieve immense speeds. I think including kiteboarding in the Olympics will help bring the under-represented sport of sailing into the attention of the public."

"Because it is one of the few sailing classes where action is present during the whole regatta. There is no other sailing category that is as interesting for all types of media as kiteboarding is."

"Kitesurfing is a new sport and a very different way of sailing. However it is still sailing, and all aspects of sailing should be shown at the Olympics"



"Maybe it will change my life maybe not… Important is, that a lot of athletes can start dreaming maybe to represent their country at the next Olympics. And they get supported by their local Sailing federations and the national teams. And it will be also more interesting for Sponsors to support an athlete or the sport!"

"I'd have to spend more time in front of the tv once every four years. I would be tempted to get involved in administration of the sport."

"Make Olympics more appealing , increase trade in the industry , increase the general appeal and up take of people into the sport"

"Definitely it would increase popularity of sport and would attract young generation's to the sport. On a level of my local kite club it would benefit all new and old member's plus it would be more easier to arrange and host new event's and competitions."

"I am a kiteboarder from Tokyo. To have kiteboarding in Olympic games in my hometown will definitely the once in a lifetime experience!"

"I am a coach of Slovenian kiteboarding team. I would be full time coaching to push Young boys and girls to the glory in Olympic spirit."

"My children will go for kiteboarding."

"As a professional sailor within stadium racing i can covert my yacht and kite skills to assist with the transition of kiteboarding into a Olympic and help create pathways."

"There would be one sport that makes Olympics worth watching. It would also make youth much more interested in this sport and there would be organizational support for training young kitesurfers."

"I will start kiteboarding"

"To be honest, I don't think it would. But for many younger kiteboard racers it is their guiding dream to be part of an Olympiad."

"It would change my life in means off an acomplishment made by incredible amount of friends and family that are kiteboarders and surfers and all others on the beach that we have as ONE made kiteboarding an olympic sport"

"definitely I would watch the Olympics and I would say to everyone to look at them."

"olympics would get interesting"

"Make me very proud!"

"It would certainly make Me watch the sailing if they included kitesurfing other wise I wouldn't bother watching it."

"I would be more interested in looking the Olympics"

"I didn't have the right opportunity or even money to train for sailing in the Olympics. Kiteboarding seems more feasible and tangible. It is an individual sport and I also think it will open up the right opportunity for females all over the world."

"I am former competitor in windsirfing and kiteboarding also but watching sailing (even windsurfing) during olimpics is not as interesting as watching kiteboarding. I would surely watch more tv during OG if there would be kiteboarding"

"I see it as the most accessible platform for my junior sailors to stay in sailing."

"I don't think kiteboarding should be an Olympic sport"

"I would actually watch something at the olympics"

"It would change my life as an athlete and a sports practitioner"

"Kitefoil is my passion. I do international competitions of KiteFoil. If the kitefoil arrives at the Olympic Games, I have a chance to participate in an Olympic preparation to present my country."

"More interest in the Olympics"

"I'm a kitesurf enthusiast and currently own a kiteschool in Brazil. Having kitesurf on the Olympic games would be a game changer both to me and the sport in general."

"I'd love to represent my country in the discipline of kite foiling! To become an Olympian would be a dream come true and to do it in kite foiling, my latest addiction has re-lit the fire of competition in the sport of sailing for me. It's addicting!"

"If i were a little younger it would make a huge difference. As it is (at age 45) I think it would increase participation at the club level and that would be a great thing"

"It will make the Olympics more interesting and have more people want to get involved."

"In terms of support within Asia for the sport, it would open a lot of new doors andcreate new opportunities"

"Maybe i can dream to see a tunisian kiteboarder in the olympics. And why not me"

"It wont change mine (not immdiately) but it would change the life of many others. Opening the sport to the olympic games would provide a concrete, and less commercial, direction to many riders not only from rich countries but from all over the world."

"It will give the chances to many other people to experience the Olympic Games. It will for sure place a few countries on the map, a lot of good kiters come from unknown places which haven't got any Olympic medals."

"Change my daughters life"

"I am not at the level to compete in the Olympic Games itself. But to see kiteboardin in olympiskaspelan would be very inspiring, both for me and many others. In my country, where I live, we are looking after young talents to train for olypiska games."

"I'd feel proud and excited, would probably travel to Tokyo to watch"

"it would grow the sport, infrastructure, credibility and there fore participation and safety"


"inflatable kites and foilboard"

"Hydrofoils and foil kites, the top gear to give people the real Formula 1 racing. Anything else will make us look lame."

"I would love to see Foil boarding at the Olympics! And there should be some space in the equipment policy that allows even with one Brand Foil and one Brand Kites to make some adjustments. That is very important that 70kg rider can compete with 100kg riders and both are competitive! (especially if we think of competing in light winds!) I think it`s necessary that we need different wing types and maybe they can be individually. The Mast can be for all the same!"

"open hight performance hydrofoil with budget control"


"Hydrofoil boards and foil kites"

"Hydrofoil and foil kite because with this equipment it is possible to ride from 4 till 40 knots."

"Foil kites and boards, one design, no cyclical changes, as with other classes, to ensure stability and enable poorer countries to compete on an even level, preserving value of second hadn equipment for training and newbies to this level"

"Foil kites, hydrofoil, high performanse equipment"

"Strict one design but with a progressive development edge to keep improving equipment without giving anyone a financial edge."

"Off course, high performance hydro-foils with high performance foil-kites. A box-rule for the board and foil and IKA registered kites would be a suitable limitation."

"I hope we have an open class with box rules. So companies that can produce big amount of equipment will develop their products during the year. It is much better than one design because it will keep he technical level increasing"

"Open Class, box and material rules. All designs and specifications to be licenced with Creative Commons licences at least 18 months before the Olympics to allow smaller nations to compete. All equipment to be available at retail. All equipment in the Games to be issued by the Games."

"Free style boards , hydro foil boards"

"Hydrofoils and foil kites. One design is fine as long as it's "best in class" equipment and represents the sport at its best."

"High performance foils and foil kites. And NOT one design. Equipment must be readily available though. Riders are all shapes and sizes and different foils suit riders differently"

"High performance hydrofoil and kite, but limited and frozen for cuople of years. White Board Concept seems to be the fairest."

"One design Hydrofoil and one design foil kite with separate division for one design tube kite. No limits on brands that can build the design so long as it meets all the requirements"

"This is the million dollar question. I have always been a big proponent of one design racing. An equal platform is the best way to truly see who is a faster sailor. Ram air kites and a 1D foil. Boards don't matter"

"One design can be a start to see the athlete power instead of technology"

"One design or limited one design"

"it doesnt matter. sport is in first place"

"I prefer twin tips and LEI kites but I understand that foils will most likely be what makes it in so I am fine with that."

"A rules box with limited mesurment for Kite and Foil. All the brands can proposed their equipments if their equipment are into the limited mesurment."

"The best hydrofoils and foil kites on the market."

"I would like to see a performance one design Foil. I prefer foil kites for the feeling and performance. But in an Olympic and business approach to the sport, inflatables are easier to resell. Foil kites are very expensive and extremely hard to resell. Shops and athletes lose a lot of money when reselling there kites. Once you're on the race course, everybody on inflatables, the race remains exciting and you will see the best athletes winning if they're on similar gear. No arms race... smaller countries and clubs could afford developing performant athletes"

"Multiple brands building equipment specified to a Box Rule measurement. Similar to the 470 class and Finn class. Where sailors can use different sail designs as well as foil/ rudder/ centerboard designs."

"Top level equipment - currently that is foil kites and hydrofoil boards. The fastest that is available"

"All thought freestyle will be more interesting i think that racing is the way to go. Probably race boards and inflatable kites will be fair."

"Hydrofoil. For me it is the embodiment of kitesurfing racing. You have the freedom to go wherever you want, which whichever wind at incredible speeds"

"Hydrofoil formula"

"As voted in the AGM I would go for a n "open" One design, that can change after every 4-year period. Gear that has been proven to be under the top athletes."

"Foil board or race board (formula) and o course foil kites. Brand doesn't matter."


"Driving innovation on kite design"

"Training as much as i can"

"training on hydro foil , looking into youth programs"


"we train hard on the water and out side, we do partecipate to different competitions all around the World. we are more than 200 days per year on the water"

"Waiting for ice to melt to get back to practising those foiling-tacks."

"Joining the Philippine kiteboarding tour"

"My son is training everyday to hopefully quality for the Youth Olympic"

"I'm not an profesional athlete so basiclly nothing. I have the tv so i could watch one big happy family in healthy competiton."

"Keep on training and preparing to compete in comming season. Meanwhile Im studying PE to gain sailing coach license and train young kiteboarders in the future."

"Train hard"

"I am not a athlete but i push and support young talents to get ready as an promoter and and mentor organizing world cup events and promoting sport"

"I am a mother of a teenage kiteracing athlete. For now I make sure my daughter is able to travel to the major kiteracing events, juggling the school schedule with racing, and training. Now I ignore the Olympics because kiteracing is not included. If included, I would make sure my daughter would go to all qualifying events leading to the Olympics."

"I am currently kiteboarding and honing my skills with a foil board. I do not see myself competing in the Olympics, I would like to support those who wish to. I live far inland and kite on lakes in a place not known for outdoor sports or Olympic venues"

"Training and helping Colombian riders to be ready if this come true"

"Teaching a lot of kids to have a target for future"

"I kiteboard every day and I am coaching 2 girls that compete in competitions and want to go to the olympics."

"Practice of the kite. Advertise activities of the kite in Japan."

"I'm currently sailing the Nacra 17. With the hopes kitefoiling will become Olympic I will then drop the Nacra and will be fully campaigning for 2020 in the Kite formula class."

"telling my friends to tell this cite to support kiteboarding to be in the olympics"

"Supporting the sport and helping to grow opportunities for the riders in Asia"

"Try to convince anyone I meet to help making kiting olympic"

"Training Kids"

"I'm training. I'm getting out on the water as much as possible. I'm doing training trips with other riders. I'm trying to get sponsors that will help pay for travel expenses. I'm also doing all of this in preparation for the YOG's as well."

"Train train train!"

"I support my son in training"

"we are ready in the UK.We just need a medal to enthuse athletes to follow the pathway to gold"


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