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Advocacy and the Olympic Games

Advocacy and the Olympic Campaign

Recent developments within World Sailing have led to a review of the previous Olympic Strategy for Kiteboarding.

After the November Meeting 2016, World Sailing has confirmed the slate of events and equipment for the 2020 Olympic Games to be the same as in Rio 2016. However, there is an opportunity for kiteboarding to be present in Tokyo 2020 as showcase event, and campaign for full inclusion in 2024.

Three key areas for this opporuntity have been named: Youth Appeal, Universality, and Gender Equality.

A working party including the top riders currently develops a new strategy for format, courses, scoring and equipment.

The IKA is pursuing a strategy which advocates for Tokyo 2020 to include racing on foiling kiteboards, in smaller groups of riders and a target time to the current medal races. Jumps are an option if requested by the IOC

For the Youth Olympic Games, the equipment chosen is IKA TwinTip:Racing (and for the first time ever, equipment will be "bring your own", and the format will be downwind slalom with or without obstacles depending on the wind strength.


Youth Olympic Games:

  • Qualification System Published in August 2016 - see here
  • It is intended to hold combined qualification events for Asia/Oceania, the Americas, and Africa/Europe. The events will be published as soon as possible.
  • Equipment Limitations Published in December 2016 - see here

Olympic Games:

  • Council Decision on Showcase events in February 2017
  • Confirmation of events and equipment by IOC in July 2017
  • Review of events and equipment by World Sailing in November 2017


   Top Rankings Racing

Formula Kite


KiteFoil Open


TT:R Open


TT:R Youth



male Nico Parlier  France      male Axel Mazella  France      male Martin Dolenc  Croatia      male Cameron Maramenides  United-States      male Alex Caizergues  France  
female Daniela Moroz  United-States     female A. Desjardins  France     female Jingle Chen  China     female Sofia Tomasoni  Italy     female Hannah Whiteley  United-Kindom  

   Top Rankings Expression



Big Air







male Carlos Mario  Brazil                   male Posito Martinez  Dominican-Republic                  male Airton Cozzolino  Italy      male Airton Cozzolino  Italy                  male Sam Light  United-Kindom   
female Bruno Kajiya  Brazil       female Bibiana Magaji  Slovakia      female Moona White  United-States      female N/A       female Annelous Lammerts  Netherlands   

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