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KTE News:Camilla Ringvold about Snowkiting in Norway

We had norwegian KTE Rider Camilla Ringvold in a small interview about the winterseason and the possibilities of snowkiting in her homecountry Norway. This weekend she went snowkiting with her friends Ingrid Danielsson and Linn Jorstad at - 18 degrees. 

KTE: The winter in Europe just started. How and where will you spend the winter season?


Camilla: Winter has arrived fairly early here in Norway this year! Lucky us. This past weekend was the opening of our snowkite season up at the Hardangervidda mountain plateau - and the fresh pow is already present on the western part of the plateau. The entry gate to this amazing playground is Haugastøl Turistsenter  run by the amazing Kaupang family. This is really the place to be!


KTE: Since when you do snowkiting?


Camilla: I started snowkiting - and kiting in general in 2005. Little did I know then that it would be the passion of my life - but the sensation of cruising around on water or snow still amazes me to this day. Hanging out on one spot, playing around with snow dunes or small man made kickers - or packing up for a  long expedition trip is just what makes this sport so amazing - and there are always new areas to explore.



Camilla's friend Ingrid Danielsson Camilla's friend Ingrid Danielsson

KTE: What is your favorite spot for snowkiting?


Camilla: Actually - I have two. Haugastøl and the Hardangervidda is more or less my home in the winter time and the possibilities are endless up there. And the Kaupang family always takes very good care of each and every one that steps into Haugastøl Turistsenter. But during my participation at Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro I experienced the utter most northern part of Norway - and kiting along mountain ridges and all the way down to the fjords opened my eyes for all the possibilities we have all around the country. 

KTE: What would be your recommendations when someone likes to try snowkiting? What kind of equipment does he/she needs?


Camilla:  Just do it, and come here and play with us. You need of course a few kites, ski or snowboard - and some warm and wind resistant clothing. And in the winter time - everyone wears a helmet!! Snow can be hard to land on. 


KTE: How big is the difference between Kiteboarding and snowkiting?


Camilla: If you can ski or snowboard - most people find it easier to snowkite than kiting on water. Less friction and you don´t drift away like you do on the water if you are a beginner. You can use smaller kites since you stand on solid ground - so you can also kite in only a few m/s. As long as your kite can lift from the ground - you´re good to go! Skis or snowboard weigh more than a kiteboard, so the tricks you pull off on the water might be a bit more harder on the body to pull off in the wintertime...but if you manage...ey, you´ll be in great bikini shape for the summer season again! 

Camilla's friend and Teammate Linn Jorstad Camilla's friend and Teammate Linn Jorstad

KTE: How do I start?


Camilla: If you haven´t skied or snowboarded before - I might recommend you to take a trip or two in the slopes first to get used to your gear. If you already know how to kite on water, ski or snowboard - the rest is easy. If not - look me up, and I´ll teach you! Martin Aune Østerdal and myself own one of the largest snowkiteschools in Norway - and we´ve been using the mountain plateau for almost a decade now. We´ll have you up and running safely over a weekend course. 

But - as always, if you´re out on your own - the same rules apply here as everywhere: ask the locals for advice, weather etc. On the mountain here - the weather can change really fast. We haven´t had to search for any kiters up here yet, and we sure hope that will continue in the forthcoming years! KTE: As I saw at your pictures you did the Red Bull Ragnarok 2012 – would you do it 2013 again? 
Camilla: Red Bull Ragnarok has been one of the larger events up at Haugastøl the past three years - I´ve participated every year- placing 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The first year was like the northern Gods really wore roaring for the real Ragnarok, and we had a terrible storm coming just 5 minutes after the start - I believe only 5 participants finished all five laps. The second year was a rat race - with wind coming and going and we walked and kited on and off. Last year, the course was rather short and the race was over in less than two hours. Rumors says it´s not going to happen this year - so maybe in 2014 the race is back on---I am still looking to be on top of the podium in that competition!! BUT - since it most likely won´t happen this year - I am going to do the World Championship in long distance kiting again this year. We were only two girls teams last years, so hopefully we´ll get some more competition this year! In addition, there will be plenty of large and small events based out of Haugastøl - national championships, Haugastøl Speed Challenge - and I´ve heard some other sweet events are in the planning! Come check it out - you are all very welcome to Norway:)

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