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European Speed Championships: Event Programme

Below is the updated event programme, please check carefully for all details. The weather forecast is still very promising for a windy, windy week, so everybody make his way to Dungarvan, Ireland !






Ø  Waldron Event Management

Ø  Pure Magic Kitesurfing

Ø  Irish Speedsailing Series

Ø  Irish Slalom Series




Ø  Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club est. 1946




Ø  Failte Ireland

Ø  Waterford Leader Partnership Ltd.

Ø  Dungarvan Town Council


Ø  Irish Windsurfing Association

Ø  Red Bull


Ø  Park Hotel Dungarvan


Supporting organisations:


Ø  IWA (Irish Windsurfing Association)

Ø  IKSA (Irish Kitesurfing Association)


Event supporters:


Ø  Wind and Wave

Ø  Surf Dock

Ø  Dunmore East Adventure Centre

Ø  Kiteskool

Ø  LSD Kiteboarding

Ø  Ardmore Adventures

Ø  Thundercat Demonstration Racing

Ø  Big Surf


Asssociated events in conjunction with European Championships:


v  Irish Slalom Series fun slalom racing


v  Kitesurfing fun course racing


Public activities:


·        Free introductory lessons to kitesurfing: Schools to be confirmed on site


·        Free introductory lessons to windsurfing: Surf Dock and Wind & Wave


·        Mixed watersports by Dunmore East Adventure Centre and Ardmore Adventures


·        Thundercat Racing powerboat demonstrations and public demos


·        Wakeboarding demos and introductory lessons (small fee to cover fuel only)


·        Windsurfing 2010 gear test and demo: Loft Sails, KA Sails, North etc…


·        Watersports exhibition (Surf Dock, Wind and Wave, Ardmore Adventures and Dunmore East Adventure Centre)


·        The RNLI will be present and all attendees are asked to support this fantastic organisation on which we all rely

·        Opening party (The Seannachai), Sunday 01/11, 8.30pm

·        Red Bull closing party (The Anchor Bar), Saturday 07/11 8.30pm


·        Public talk by Anders Bringdal on the record breaking 60’ long hydrofoil triamaran, l’Hydroptere (Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club), not to be missed. Wednesday 04/11, 7.30pm followed by:

·         Drinks in the Moorings


·        Live Red Bull DJ on site every day


·        Bar on site every day with hot drinks to keep away the chill


Competitor information


The event takes place from 01/11/09 – 07/11/09


There was insufficient take up of the offer of kit and personal transport from Dublin Airport to Dungarvan; we are trying to arrange transfers for those who did wish to avail of same.


A large marquee has been arranged with allocated space for each competitor to store their equipment, within reason of course. This will be secured and have security every evening from 18.00 until skippers meeting the following morning.


The first day is set aside for registration, rigging, course inspection and race briefing.


Lunch will be provided (ticket basis) in the event marquee for all competitors and coffee and tea will be provided to competitors throughout the day.


The racing schedule is dependant on the tides and is outlined below.


Discounted rates have been agreed with The Park Hotel (€45.00 per night per person sharing & €65.00 per night single occupancy room) where the vast majority of competitors will be staying. The Park Hotel also has holiday homes adjacent to the hotel, anyone interested should contact the hotel for details. +353 58 42899


There will be a few shops in the marquee selling spares and extra woollies for the French.


We have a full time photographer in his own RIB on the water. EX Productions are producing a promotional programme using professional cameras and footage obtained from the helicopter which has been arranged for aerial coverage. We have been advised that the national broadcasters are interested in running a few segments on the event. All in all the media coverage is going to be huge pleasing the camera hogs and sponsored sailors alike.


There is a no wind day mornings entertainment arranged with Elite Paintball (due to budget constraints this will have to be paid for by those interested) and discounted green fees have been agreed with Dungarvan Golf Club for those too mature to act like teenagers for a few hours.


The opening party in The Seannachai is free of charge for competitors but open to the public for a cover fee incl. food. Further details available on event site at registration.


The prize giving takes place in Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club. The prize fund is €10,000.00 with additional prizes on offer from event supporters.


The closing party supported by Red Bull will take place in The Anchor Bar with live music and food. Free of charge to competitors and open to the public for a cover fee incl. food. Further details available from event site.


All competitors should read the important information at the bottom of the document!!!

Registration update


The following giants of speedsailing have registered to take part in the event:



Ø  Bjorn Dunkerbeck – 12 times overall world champion, 12 x race world champion, 7 x wave world champion, open ocean speed windsurfing world record holder, the list goes on…


Ø  Anders Bringdal – Windsurfing legend who recently crewed on the boat Hydroptere which broke the speedsailing world record.


Ø  Jemma Grobbelaar – Previous women’s world record holder.


Ø  Monty Spindler – A legend in sail design, many world records have been broken on sails he designed.


Ø  Farrell O’Shea – British record holder and all round nice guy, many people at the event will have learned to windsurf from the books he wrote back in 19...!


Ø  And many more

Event programme




Sunday 01/07


Registration 14.00 – 17.00


Unofficial racing and demos all day – details to be confirmed on site



Opening party in The Seanachai with traditional Irish food and entertainment Sunday night 8.30pm



Monday 02/11


Skippers meeting 09.30, speed racing 09.30 – 13.59


Windsurfing slalom racing and kitesurfing course racing 13.59 until 17.00


Tuesday 03/11


Skippers meeting 09.30, speed racing 09.30 – 14.37


Windsurfing slalom racing and kitesurfing course racing 14.37 until 17.00


Wednesday 04/11


Skippers meeting 09.30, speed racing 09.30 – 15.18


Windsurfing slalom racing and kitesurfing course racing 15.18 until 17.00



7.30pm Talk by Anders Bringdal on l’Hyroptere in Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club followed by drinks in The Moorings



Thursday 05/11


Skippers meeting 09.30, speed racing 10.01 – 16.01


Windsurfing slalom racing and kitesurfing course racing 16.01 until 17.00


Friday 06/11


Skippers meeting 09.30, speed racing 10.37 – 16.37


Windsurfing slalom racing and kitesurfing course racing 09.30 until 10.37


Saturday 07/11


Skippers meeting 09.30, speed racing 11.38 – 17.00


Windsurfing slalom racing and kitesurfing course racing 09.30 until 11.38



Prize giving in the Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club followed by:

Red Bull closing party in The Anchor bar with live band and food Saturday night 8.30pm





Where on any given day the conditions are not suitable for speedsailing, conditions permitting slalom races will be organised for the windsurfers and course racing for the kitesurfers.


Important information


Conditions of entry:


In addition to the waiver noted at the bottom of these notes, participant’s specific attention is drawn to the following:


·          Whilst the event programme is as accurate as possible, it is subject to change. The organisers reserve the right to alter the programme within the event schedule and to change any other items as may be necessary to ensure the success of the event or match finance requirements. No claims will be entertained in relation to these changes. Signed:____________________


·          All competitors are advised that kit insurance is their own responsibility, the organisers or their affiliates will accept no claims whatsoever in relation to kit loss, damage or the like. This applies when in transport and on site. Signed:____________________


·          All competitors are deemed to have read the ISWC and IKA rulebook prior to entering the competition. Signed:____________________


·          All competitors are to be fully paid up members of the IWA or similar sporting body with 3rd party insurance. This insurance is to be available at registration for inspection; it must include value of cover (it need not match the IWA cover exactly), jurisdiction of cover and no limitation re. participation in professional events. Signed:____________________


·          Specific attention has been drawn to the fact that the event is being held in an open sea tidal location and all competitors understand the there may be sandbanks or obstacles under the water line, it is the competitors responsibility to assess the course and sail it in a safe manner including sailing far enough away from the shore as they deem safe based on the state of the tide and their inspection of the course. Signed:____________________


·          All competitors undertake to sail in a safe and respectful manner to their fellow competitors. Signed:____________________


Waiver/Acceptance of contributory negligence


I undertake to sign the following waiver at registration prior to partaking in this event:


In signing this Waiver and release, I understand the intent thereof, and I hereby agree to release from responsibility and waive all claims against the Irish Speedsailing Association, the ISWC, the IKA, the organizers of the European Speedsailing Championships, corporate sponsors, cooperating organizations, and any other parties connected with this event in any way, or person, singly or collectively, for any blame or liability, demand, injury, harm, loss of property, or damage I might sustain as a result of participation in the event and activities associated therewith. I fully accept and assume all risks and all responsibility for losses, costs and damages I incur as a result of my participation in this event. I certify that I have read this waiver, fully understood that I have given up substantial rights by signing this waiver and have signed this waiver freely of my own will and accord. I confirm that the information provided to be correct. I agree that I will adhere to the rules and regulations of all watersports activities in the Republic of Ireland as set forth by the Department of the Marine and any event rules as outlined by the Irish Speedsailing Association , the IKA and the ISWC. I furthermore declare that I possess third party insurance in accordance with the IWA insurance and medical insurance which cover the activities I choose to partake in. I declare that the equipment I will use in the event is in good working order and properly maintained. I agree to abide by the rules of the site and accept that I will be liable for any damage I may cause, knowingly or otherwise. I agree to behave in a way that befits an international sporting event and that any misbehaviour may result in disqualification, team penalization, fine or action.


Signed:____________________ Date:_________