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Leucate Kiteboarding Grand Slam - Day Four and Five

Day four turned out to be a lay day.


With very little chance for wind the riders had a late skippers meeting at ten o'clock after a long competition day yesterday. This gave many riders a chance to rest and check out the surrounding areas. Some riders rode at cable parks in the vicinity, whilst others had a more leisurely day perusing the golf course.


For the French team it was just another day, training hard and getting ready for the next competition. These guys have a solid team even with their own coaches; it's great to see a team with such commitment to the sport!

The forecast for day five looked like a decent chance for wind. With an unusual cross onshore direction predicted it will be interesting to see how the top guys and girls can handle these uncharacteristically French conditions!

Day five started with the usual riders briefing at 10am, and the draw for the Big Air Main Event shoudl conditions permit. Unfortunately the day only turned out into variable conditions stretching over the entire space of the day.


Every hour or so the wind picked up and then slowly backed off again. The forecast called for more wind near the end of day so the competition was put on a waiting pattern at the beach.

Kites were rigged, most riders waited, whilst others took it in turns to determine for themselves that indeed there wasn't really enough wind.

After the forecasted afternoon kick never showed it's face the competition was called for the day and riders could go home to relax after a cold day at the beach.

Right now tomorrows forecast doesn't look too promising, but riders and staff will be giving mother nature the best opportunity she can to grace the shores with her breath once again. #prayforwind

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