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Leucate Kiteboarding Grand Slam - Day Two

Day two started with a slouch, the forecast had called for morning wind but the reality was an unusually still morning. Riders were at the beach at nine o’clock regardless and ready for action. By eleven the wind had came up and the trials began. Many riders were interested in how the young Corniel brother would perform, sadly Adeuri narrowly missed out on a place in the main event but showed he will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with in the future, producing the highest scoring trick of the trials (Backside 317). If it were any conciliation his loss was to the stand out rider of the men’s trials event Coccoluto. Coccoluto also surprised the judges with his repertoire, he has obviously been training hard for this event and should be a good rider to watch enter the main draw. 


This event also saw the return of Liam Whaley, who un-surprisingly made it through to the main event without breaking a sweat. Whaley had been suffering an injury that prevented him from competing at the last event in Egypt, so it will be interesting to see how his form really is in the main event tomorrow.


On the French side of things countrymen and fellow brothers the Garats both made it through the trials and into the main event. Seb will no doubt be happy with this result as he tried hard in Egypt to make it through but narrowly missed out on a spot. Let’s see if the Frenchman can bring home a podium spot for their country!


On the Women’s side of the trials the young Brazilian phenome Mika Sol narrowly missed out on a spot in the main event but showed she will also no doubt be one of the tours future stars. It was also the Women’s trials standout Bagnoli that unfortunately took young Sol out. Bagnoli has been slowly improving with each tour stop and it will be interesting to see how she goes up against the top seeded women this event.


Once the trials were over the main event started at roughly two o’clock in unusual Mondial Du Vent conditions. It’s rare to have such light wind at the event with most riders expecting to be overpowered on their smallest kites. The wind didn’t pick up at all and the conditions were mainly for 13-14m kites for the first heat of the main event in which Youri Zoon came through with the win. The following heat was quickly abandoned due to too little wind and will be resumed first thing tomorrow.

Tomorrows forecast doesn’t look special, but with a chance for the best possible conditions early on all riders have been notified of a Seven o’clock possible start which means an early night for both riders, fans and staff a like!

For full results and heat-by-heat tricks and scores please see the complete freestyle elimination ladder at

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