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KTA News:KTA Asian X-Champs powered by Cloudstringers

The KTA 15/16 Asian winter monsoon competition season is already well underway, but as we head towards the end of 2015 and into the New Year, it’s time to sharpen your focus and to start to prepare for the KTA Asian X-Champs powered by Cloudstringers.


And fully powered we will be indeed, as all of this becomes possible with the input and support of our new Title Sponsor – Cloudstringers!

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X-Champs then with an equipment prize package of USD 20,000 in place for each round, will be visiting Vietnam, Thailand and China to create the series. What a series it promises to be, with new locations and new competition formats in play. The KTA will be shaking things up in its 7th season.


The series will be featuring the much talked about and anticipated Freestyle X format, along with a more flexible TT race approach that promises to maximize all conditions for fast close up racing. The X-Champs series will also be bringing SUP racing to the forefront, in a fast short course package that will bring the winners right into the heart of the spectator crowds as they sprint to their beach based finishing gate.

The KTA Asian X-Champs power by Cloudstringers will be close up and personal, but what are all these new formats about and what will happen at an X-Champs event?

Freestyle X – first tried out last season in Taiwan with great success. This new freestyle format combines both hooked and unhooked tricks into the scoring, so opens the field to both new and old school riders. You will have 12 jumps during the heats and the judges will score the best 3 moves of each style to decide the winner.

And that’s not all, because on top of all this there will also now be a ‘WOO FACTOR’, it will be your chance to go big and if in the end you out boost everyone else, then you will walk away with even more prizes.  The KTA is about to partner with Woo Sports for Asia to make this part of the story happen press release on that news to follow.


TT racing - as never before. The KTA will be opening up the format to bring in fast flat out reaching races along with downwind slaloms to compliment the tried and tested fleet courses. In X-Champs TT courses will be set, to maximize what the location has to offer, keep riders close to the cheering crowds and set you all a new challenge to really find out who has the best all-round racing ability.


SUP Racing – it’s going to be a blast at each round of the X-Champs, a lot of hands on fun and competition. It’s all based on short distance, beach start/finish courses and will be a chance for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to be part of the X-Champs as well. So come on all you local Vietnam, Thailand and China types, grab your paddles and get into the game.  And you don’t even actually have to bring your own paddle as we welcome our newest sponsor to the KTA Starboard

Aussie Beach Start

Aussie Beach Start

The KTA having always been lucky in having the support of a great bunch of sponsors and partners over the years and this season it is looking even brighter. Check out on each of our event pages to see the great range of local partners and international supports, led as ever by our key brand sponsor Cabrinha, who have been backing the KTA from day one

With Cabrinha’s continued support for the X-Champs series, the KTA is not only able to ensure our winners will walk away happy with their ‘swag’, but also this season we have the chance to support and encourage new riders into the KTA arena.

Each round of the KTA Asian X-Champs powered by Cloudstringers will have an additional prize package for the top newbies and local riders, from either Freestyle X or the TT racing, who have not made it onto the main event winner’s podium. So go on kick off your kite career and tag a nice wee prize by being top dog on the local scene.

Everything to play for then in the coming season.

Great locations, awesome competitions, mega media coverage, fantastic sponsors, hosts and partners, cool parties of course and the KTA crew to see you all through it.

The KTA Asian X-Champs power by Cloudstringers be part of it!!

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