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KTA News:Roof of the World Regatta 5

The latest update from the ROTW crew and they and sounding happy. The wind has arrived and the show is underway. Photo’s of the action are still proving difficult to get out and may need to wait until the team comes back down from Karkul for a full gallery upload.

Whoa!!! Great wind during day 2 and we had all our sailors out on the lake catching some serious surf and air…

During the day we also had the ‘Roof of the World’ Regatta official opening ceremony, held at the local school – the highlight of which was the appearance of a French tourist who was a professional juggler! The school children really loved the experience.

We’ve now accumulated approximately 20 international participants although a smaller number of sailors. For our finale tomorrow we hope to have shore-side activities from 2pm to 4pm and on-lake sailing to follow, including racing. We really hope that the whole village will turn out for the event as they did last year…


Villagers from Karakul looking forward to seeing ROTW in action again Air time in the Tajikistan mountains Polly pulls a crowd

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