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KTA News:Aethic joins KTA to intro new eco-suncreen

The KTA and kiteboarding is about to take on a whole new eco-compatible approach to sun protection. 

What’s this all about then we hear you asking?  

Well read on and like us become enlightened.

And yes, MC Sukie we were listening to all your words warning at each event last year to cover-up and slap on the sunscreen, so the KTA will be fully protected this time around.


The KTA has always tried to be at the forefront of kiteboarding and its development throughout Asia. Creating opportunities for local riders, evolving new event formats that are built around friendly fun events. Providing the chance to make your mark in the competition world or just enjoy the banter and the challenge of competing against your mates.

Whatever the attraction is, the one common element for all you riders and us lot in the team, is we spend a lot of their time out in the sun and on the ocean. Sun protection is essential of course and under Asian skies even more so. Therefore, the KTA is very happy to announce that for the first time ever it is being supported by a new partner Aethic, who produce the world’s only patented eco-compatible product that will not only protect the KTA riders and crew, but also have zero impact on the marine environment.

Skincare company Aethic, launched its triple-filter eco sunscreen Sôvée in answer to the little known impact that mass use of sunscreen products is having on the marine ecosystem. As they wash off the body, several sunscreen ingredients are toxic or worse still could start viral and terminal epidemics in the algae that the coral relies on for its food. Coral ecology systems account for 30% of all marine life and sunscreens are estimated to account for 10% of all coral damage globally.A5 KTA Aethic_web

(Quote: Allard Marx, Aethic CEO)   “Kiteboarding and the KTA Championship exactly reflect the Aethic values that people enact when they use our Sôvée patented eco-compatible sunscreen; an active healthy lifestyle and respect for marine life. I am delighted that Aethic is working together with KTA to prevent damage to people’s skin and the ocean”.

Aethic as the official sunscreen supplier to the KTA team, kicks off the new partnership at the Myanmar Wave Rider Cup which takes place in the Andaman Sea at Ngwe Saung at the end of October. 

Both the KTA team and riders alike will be able to test out Aethic Sôvée at this event and in the future it is planned that all riders’ registration packs will include the eco-sunscreen.

Every little helps and the KTA is pleased to working with Aethic to help raise a little more awareness and help the environment in which it operates to stay heathy.

This is what world pro rider Hannah Whiteley had to say after checking Aethic out:

“I made sure to use my Aethic sun cream every day. I have to say I was very impressed. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it has a lovely scent. The next thing I noticed was that it doesn’t seem to leave your hands very oily, which is important in kitesurfing. If the sun cream is very oily it can make your hands slippery on the bar which is not something you want when competing.  Thirdly I had no rash or spots using the cream, a lot of the big brand sun creams give me a rash or spots. So overall I thought Aethic Sôvée was great”



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