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KTA News:Looking Ahead – KTA 15/16 Season

The 2015 -2016 KTA Asian competition season is looking dynamic and as healthy as ever. 

Packed with a pile of opportunities to get your teeth into, the KTA new season will not only be seeing the launch of its new X-Champs Series, but also a whole range of other events too.

As of now these include the opportunity to be part of what has to be one of the world’s most challenging kite adventures, the Roof of the World Regatta.

Returning for its second year the ROTW is 100% ‘sailing with altitude’ and that is no idle boast. Taking place in Tajikistan 24-27 September 2015, you will undertake one of the more challenging mountain road drives on the Pamir Highway, to reach your final destination of Karakul.

ROTW Event Logo_2015

Every bump and pothole you experience in reaching Karakul though will be worth it, as once you are there you will have the opportunity to meet and live with an amazing group of people and experience their mountain lifestyle. All this is then topped off with kiting in a mind blowing, stunning kite location and becoming one of a very unique band of high altitude kiters. This will be on the Black Lake, which sits at almost 4000 mtrs above sea level, a lake formed by a meteor strike some 25 million years ago. It’s guaranteed to be an experience you won’t forget.

Moving on, October will see the KTA mark a new location onto the kiteboarding map as it journeys to Myanmar, to introduce kiteboarding into the Myanmar Wave Rider Cup.

The Myanmar Wave Rider Cup and KTA Race Open that will be taking place 28 -31 October 2015 and is a multi-sport event. SUP and windsurfing will also be battling it out on the water and together with kiteboarding is anticipated to attract a lot of watersports types to to check out the unspoiled beaches of Ngwe Sung.


The KTA are teaming up with the Myanmar Yachting Federation for the event, that from the kiteboarding side of things be running Formula and TT racing. The focus is being given to racing, as while fairly consistent, the wind strengths in Myanmar are not ideal for freestyle. Although a ‘jump in’ expression season is still planned for, if the conditions allow. So bring your big kites and get set to blast it out across the Bay of Bengal.

The final day at the Myanmar Wave Rider Cup also just happens to be Halloween, so pack your scary look as the local crew are planning a night not to forget. Now sounds like a challenge for another KTA party night that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

The heart and soul of the KTA season though will be the KTA X-Champs powered by Cloudstringers.

The series is set to take place between January and April 2016 and will feature the new Freestyle X format that went down a storm when trialed last season at the Taiwan Open.

Freestyle X along with a TT racing focus will see the KTA at 3 new competition locations for the season. Full information on the countries and locations are currently being finalised, but the KTA is hoping to have the full schedule fully published for you by the end of July.

As of this point in time though it looks like the KTA X-Champs powered by Cloudstringers will be landing in China, Indonesia and Vietnam, so get ready to travel Asia will be the place to be this winter.


Big shout out too for Cabrinha the KTA’s longest serving sponsor. They are back in for what will be season number 7  with us and are backing all those cracking events above , so nice prizes and shirts are assured.

Cool, then enough said for the moment, keep an eye on developments and see you all in Asia soon!



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