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Trittel and Kalinina lead the kiteboarding fleet into the medal races

Another challenging day in Palma concluded the opening series with 7 races completed. Both Florian Trittel (ESP, ML/Elf) and Elena Kalinina (RUS, UC/Elf) go into the last days 3-race medal series with a perfect score.

The day started off with a postponement ashore for all 11 classes racing in Palma, before the seabreeze kicked in from South West. A late postponement was signalled when the wind died off from the top of the course and the fleet sent ashore again.

What followed was a long no-wind period, before the seabreeze came back up in the late afternoon again. But it was already 7pm before the fight between onshore breeze and offshore gradient wind finally was won by the seabreeze and the fleet being sent another time. The seventh race of the opening series went down in good racing conditions, with Trittel taking the victory another time ahead of Denis Taradin (RUS, ML/Elf) and Ivan Doronin (RUS, ML/Elf).

In the womens fleet, Kalinina completed her perfect score with another victory ahead of Jade OConnor (IRL, UC/Elf) and Nuria Goma (ESP, ML/Ozone).

The final race of the day was started at 1935 hours with the hope that the wind would last for another couple of minutes, however in the second lap the wind started to die off and finally on the reach to the finish line completely disappeared, forcing the race to be abandoned just meters before the finish line. 5 minutes more of wind would have been all thats needed.

Racing continues on the final day with the medal series, where the best 10 in both genders compete in a 3-race non-discardable series on a shortened course.

Overall Standings after seven races:

1. Florian Trittel (ESP, ML/Elf) - 6 pts
2. Ivan Doronin (RUS, ML/Elf) - 20 pts
3. Denis Taradin (RUS, ML/Elf) - 24 pts

1. Elena Kalinina (RUS, UC/Elf) - 5 pts
2. Anastasia Akopova (RUS, ML/Ozone) - 16 pts
3. Jade O'Connor (IRL, UC/Ozone) - 18 pts

Full results can be found here:

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