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KTE News:Have you met Florian Trittel

Florian Trittel, Spanish Course Racer, what do you know about him? We asked him recently several questions about his past career in sailing and his plans for the upcoming season. We caught your attention? Read the following article to get to know Florian a bit better. 

KTE: If we read your CV we can see that you were (or still are) very successful in sailing as well. Tell us something about this career and your biggest goal.


Flo: Thank you. I started sailing in Optimist when I was 6 years old, like any other kid that starts sailing. My biggest dream was to win the World Championship and therefore I prepared intensely. I passed the process of qualification and I was supposed to participate. Allthough some politicians did not want a german to compete for Spain so they told me that I couldn't participate. In the moment I realized that all the hard work apparently had been for nothing, I was broken. 


Luckily my family made me open my eyes and see that if I stood up form where they dropped me, I would be stronger than ever before. And so I did, I changed to the pre-olympic class "29er" where I then got 4x World Champion: my answer back to those stupid politicians.



KTE: We know you from our Kitesurf Tour Europe Events. Do you think it benefits you that you are very experienced with the Regatta Courses from sailing?



Flo: In my opinion it definitely is a huge advantage. Knowing about the rules, tactics, etc is helping me to accelerate my way to the top. 


KTE: When did you start kiteboarding and when did you decide to switch to kite racing?


Flo: Around one and a half years ago I started kiteboarding, always with the goal of sailing in Formula Kite. Just the first month I learned how to handle a kite on a Twin Tip. The reason why I switched to Formula Kite is because my dream has always been the Olympic Games and back then, Kite was olympic. I wanted to go to Rio 2016. As they took it off, I decided to continue as there are many more things than just an Olympic Games, and maybe in 2020 I'm not too old yet ;-)



KTE: You moved from Barcelona to Tarifa – is Tarifa for you the best kite spot in the world?


Flo: I moved to Tarifa because in Spain it is for sure one of the best wind spots, and that is what I need specially in the beginning. Hours, hours and more hours on the water. I'm pretty sure that it isn't the best spot in the world, nevertheless it is one of the best spots for training. You get really tough conditions and that is what makes you get on top. Being used to such hard conditions with big waves and strong winds, when you get to perfectly flat water conditions, it is easy to ride ;-)



KTE: You speak German and Spanish and probably some more languages ;) Why do you start at competitions for Spain and not for Germany? 


Flo: Yes, I speak german, spanish, english, french and catalan. And I start for Spain as I have always lived here and starting for Germany wouldn't have meant any advantage to me.



KTE: Who are your sponsors right know?


Flo: I don't have any sponsors right now as the situation in Spain is miserable in that sense and the kite brands don't sponsor anybody until hasn't showed his skills in that specific class...


KTE: Is it easy to get new sponsors or partners on board? 


Flo: Right now it is being a difficult way to finding any sponsors. From my point of view, any athlete with a successful CV should be a "fish to catch" for any sponsors. They showed what they are capable of and now, in the new class, they need their help specially in the beginning.



KTE: What is your personal goal for 2014?


Flo: Me, personally, in 2014 I want to keep on combining my sport with my university. This means to show a lot of discipline which is not easy at all, but at the end of the day is what makes a person grow and mature.



KTE: What is your sportive goal for 2014?


Flo: My sportive goal in 2014 is to keep climbing places in the regattas and be under the top sailors in international events. And on that journey, of course, get to know many new people and share with them the incredible moments that this sport offers us.



KTE: Will you attend the KTE Events?


Flo: I am really looking forward to attending the KTE's, as my experience from last year is really good and positive.


KTE: What do you think about the added discipline Twin Tip Racing?


Flo: I have never before done or seen any Twin Tip race, but to me it sounds fun and with lots of action so I might even want to take part ;)



KTE: What do you think about the decreased number of entries from 48 to



Flo: The decreased entries will follow a higher level in the Championships. I'm open to see how it works out and I don't think that it's a bad idea, even though I also think that it is great to have many participants creating a great atmosphere.


KTE: Thank you Flo for the answers! We wish you all the best for the upcoming season and hope to see you soon racing at our events. One last question: What is kiteboarding for you?


Flo: For me, the best thing about our sport  is that nothing else in life can offer you similar experiences and such a balanced education. You face any imaginable situation and learn how to deal with it which, makes you mature and grow personally. Something very valuable.

It's incredible...



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