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KTE News:Facts and figures 2013

The MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013 is done. The crew already works on the Tour for 2014. But till we announce the tour stops and dates you need to be patient for a few more weeks. Meanwhile read yourself through the facts and figures of this year and watch the official wrap-up video 2013. 


Nearing the end of the 2013 season, the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe looks back on a momentous European Championship 2013.

The tour was a great occurrence to show the anticipation and competitive spirit of the european kitesurf elite. 

  During this season the riders were really pushing the limits of kitesurfing in freestyle and race competitions - in the mens and womens division. Mario Rodwald and Sabrina Lutz, both from Germany won the overall title in Freestyle. Maxime Nocher from France and Dutch Lady Katja Roose finished first overall in Course Racings. But every rider brings something to the sport and to the amazing tour.

The tour 2013 started in France, Almanarre, end of May. The Mistral was blowing very strong and offered great conditions for Course Racing and Freestyle. Not only the wind conditions were brilliant, also the weather during the whole event was very summer like. Everyone was excited about the new format of the KTE and was more than happy to get some results and great test drives through the beautiful landscape of Hyéres. Sabrina Lutz and Mario Rodwald won the Freestyle competition, Maxime Nocher and Steph Bridge the Course Racing competition. 

After France the crew headed a few weeks later to the North Sea island Sylt, which is very famous in Germany for its beauty and richness. The event side was already open on Tuesday to offer the great food and beverage area to visitors and tourists. Normally Sylt offered strong and cold wind during the KTE, but this year the wind wasn’t strong enough to run any Freestyle competition. Better luck for the Course Racer. With the wind limit of 6 knots the riders were able to get many races done  and show their skills to the crowded beach. Winner of the Course Racing discipline were Maxime Nocher from France and Katja Roose from the Netherlands. 


After the second stop in Germany, the KTE Crew had a little “summer break” before leaving to Scheveningen end of September. Scheveningen is a district of The Hague and well known for its long beaches and their Kitesurf events. The forecast didn’t look promising at all so that everyone was surprised and happy about the offshore wind with about 18 knots average. Freestyle competition and a few races were completed during the 4 days event in the Netherlands. With the cold wind, but sun, it was the coldest event during the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013. 


Only about one week later, between the third event and the finals in Spain, the crew flew from all over Europe to the finals of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013 presented by XS Power Drink. Mario Rodwald and Sabrina Lutz were the favorites for the freestyle title 2013, but both were probably too nervous and unfocussed to win this stop as well. In the men fleet of Freestyle, Mario Rodwald and Stefan Spiessberger had a big competitor – current World Champion in Freestyle – Alex Pastor from Spain. The heats were quite close and in the end Austrian Rider Stefan Spiessberger won the event in Spain. Course Racing was excited as well – Florian Gruber was fighting with Maxime Nocher about the overall win of the MINI KTE 2013. In the end Maxime had one better race and took over the lead again. Mario Rodwald and Sabrina Lutz became European Champions in Freestyle 2013 and Katja Roose and Maxime Nocher were the happy winners of the European Course Racing Tour. In Castelldefels we were running the “Best Trick Contest” presented by XS Power Drink. Alex Pastor and Sabrina Lutz won that special award. 

Let's have a look to facts and figures of the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013.  


Organisation :

In 8 months, the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe organised 4 great tour stops, in 4 countries with 500 registered riders and over 230.000 spectators. 480 hours of eventful action on the water and on the boulevard. 335 hours to set-up the event sites and to break it down again. 4950 km of car travelling to get all material to the event sides.


Gastronomic :

The gourmet rider could find an incomparable offer of delicous sandwiches, companied by a fresh Red Bull or Alpro Soja Milk (nature, chocolat or vanilla) as well as a yummy dessert of strawberry and kiwi Chupa Cups. The consumation of drinks and sweets summarised to 4.500 cans of Red Bull, 3.900 packs of Alpro Soja milk and more than 8.200 Chupa Chups. In addition the visitors, crew and riders enjoyed many XS Power Drinks in Castelldefels.


Climatology :

The MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013 reached an average of 15 sunny days (out of 16 event days). Average temperatures : Almanarre 22°, Sylt 24°, Scheveningen 18°, and Barcelona 26°. Temperature of the water: minimum Scheveningen 15° and maximum Castelldefels 22°. Average windspeed : minimum Castelldefels 1 knot and maximum France 30 knots.


Media Coverage :

The MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe covered the international media market. 153.000.000 European print media coverages and 185:08:00 minutes in international TV.


At the close of this European Championship 2013, one thing is certain – the Kitesurf Tour Europe has proven to be an excellent tour. For the next year, the KTE will grow with time. Many riders now look forward to returning with great anticipation for both their freestyle and racing adventures. Thanks to all riders, partners, helping hands and press people to create such an amazing tour 2013. We look forward to 2014 and hope to see you all again - now it is time to travel to warm places and go kitesurfing. 



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