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KTA News:KTA Asia Tour – the 13/14 Season Kickstart

We had all been thinking that by season five it would all be getting a lot easier, but hey ho the elusive tour title sponsor still, well eludes us. We do though have fantastic host sponsor support in each country and our ever solid industry sponsors and media partners continue their amazing backing of the KTA, but it’s not completely straightforward for us unfortunately for the 13/14 season. Still hang-in there with us and we will do the best we can to bring you another cracking season of competition.


Apologies then for the delay in getting the 13/14 season information out to you, but there have been one or two forced changes from the pre-schedule. Japan has dropped out of the tour and Hainan is putting itself on-hold until it sees the outcome of the World Championship event first. However, we do have the late potential of Vietnam re-joining the KTA this season so fingers crossed for that, but for now the final two rounds remain as TBC’s for the moment. The first three rounds are good to go though, so get yourselves organised and registered and jump back on the KTA ‘roller coaster’ with us for another year.

We will be kicking off proceedings in Thailand this season with a new location at Chalong Bay in Phuket. Presented by Tamarin Villa and hosted by Kite Zone Phuket our first round will stay in keeping with the race flavour we have at the start of this season with the World Championship coming to Asia for the first time.So round one will be TT and RB racing all the way with a KTA Christmas Race Special -

The event package will also include a special pre-event Race-Clinic with Nils Stolzechner, so don’t be missing out on that. Don’t worry though freestylers there will be plenty of chances to blast out your new moves also as the season unfolds.


Further important information for this season is that there is a change in the way in which rankings and titles will be organised. As our sport continues to develop globally and the IKA strives to consolidate things for each discipline and deliver the new Olympic bid for 2020, we have agreed together a change in the title/ranking structure. These changes we understand will also be adopted by our European counterparts the KTE for its next season.

As well as keeping pace with the developments in our sport these changes will also allow us to tailor events differently to suit the sponsorship levels we have, while not losing the points value for the riders taking part. The new approach will further allow us to include and support the national level competitions and series that are beginning to grow around the region, giving riders more opportunities to improve their overall ranking position.

From this season the rankings and titles will be as follows –

Asian Championship titles will be awarded to Freestyle, RB Formula Race Class and the TT Race Class. Asian Championship titles are open only to riders who are holders of Asian passports. Asian Freestyle titles will remain tour based and require a minimum of 3 KTA rounds to be awarded. If there are more than 3 rounds then the Freestyle titles will be award at the final Freestyle round of the season. The Asian Championship titles for the RB Formula Race Class and the TT Race Class will be awarded via the IKA Asian Course Race Championship for that season. All KTA open tour titles will be replaced with an Asia Continental Ranking. This will be a continuous rolling system that will show all rider ranking positions at all times. The Asian Continental Ranking is open to riders of all nationalities. All IKA/KTA sanctioned events, national, international or championship will score towards the Asian Continental Ranking.

The KTA of course remains completely open to all riders and with this new system it will also allow us to encompass a wider range of events. The changes also reflect the rising level of Asian riders, as often now for the past couple of seasons the riders taking the Asia and the Open titles have been one and the same people.

Only Open events will not be ranked – open events being those that have non-IKA competitions as the focus of the competition taking place, for example Big Air comps or long-distance racing. We know this might take time to get to grips with fully, but please feel free to talk to us about it at any time.

So that is the update for now and we look forward to seeing you all for the season kick-off in December.


Just one last little foot note – if there are any potential sponsors out there wanting to get their brand or company behind one of the most amazing watersports in action in Asia right now then please get in contact with us, we would love to talk to you -

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