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KTA News:The Coming KTA Season Flashbacks and the 2013 World Championships


Although listed last in the title the 2013 IKA World Course Race Championships is one hell of a kick off to the new KTA season so we are going to talk about it from the start of this news update. It will be the biggest competition that the KTA has ever organised and not only that we are one of the key sponsors in this one too by providing half of the prize fund along with the Worlds title sponsor King Bay.


So from the 18 – 24 November 2013 Hainan Island China will be the place to be, especially if you are a course racer or if you just want to see the best in world battling it out for the first time ever in Asia. King Bay, located at Boao on Hainan Island is a new location for kiteboarding and also a new resort, we will in fact be some of the first people to ever use this site for a competition and it promises to be quite an experience. So don’t miss out check out now on how to be there at the event website

New Season

From the shout outs we are starting to get we know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for the new 13/14 KTA Asia Tour season to be announced, well yep actually us too. We are almost there with the rounds lining up nicely, but it’s just a bit too early yet to put out the final schedule. It’s not far off though and we just beg your good patience for a couple more weeks while we fine tune some things and sign off all the last licenses and contracts it takes to make it all happen.

What we can do now though is give you the pre-schedule of planned 13/14 tour so that you can start to think and consider your season nice and early, but don’t start booking flights or hotels just yet, please wait for the full final tour package and tour stop information to be published.

13/14 KTA Asian Championship Tour pre-release schedule

Round 1           Dec 2013         Thailand            Phuket

Round 2           Jan 2014          Indonesia         Bintan

Round 3           Feb 2014         Philippines       Boracay

Round 4           Mar 2014         Japan                 Miyako

Round  5         Apr 2014          China                   Hainan


The 12/13 KTA tour was a great season and not just for all the cool competition, great venues and new faces we saw, but also for new developments and try outs we undertook. On the whole we are glad to say it went pretty well and has expanded the KTA outlook on life to a bit more than just running competitions.

Firstly we had all that Olympic drama at the start of the season which motivated us to try and grow the raceboard side of the sport with the introduction of a number KTA Race Centres around the region. It has be great to see these working in the most part pretty well and staying in action regardless of that Olympic vote outcome. We also have a new centre on its way very soon, so all good in that department.

Tawain Race Centre students

Equally the KTA Kite Kids project we kicked off at the start of 2013 with Kathrin Borgwardt has been fantastically well received where ever it’s been run.  Kathrin has also continued the good work throughout the summer on the European side of the world and from the interest we have already had for the coming season this project can surely only go from strength to strength, getting even more kids safety into our sport.


On the less serious side we also had some classic KTA happenings as the Harlem Shake was adopted KTA style and for those involved in both the China and Cook Islands ‘H Shakes’ then take a chance to relive those heady moments of your sporting careers

Although the KTA has its fun party side which we know a lot of you totally enjoy, we also have our responsible side as well. In this last season many hours have been put in behind the scenes to define and create a submission for the powers that be at ISAF to consider TT racing as a recognised class.


For everyone who has ever been or competed at a KTA it would seem obvious that the TT race class is amongst the most popular and well contested disciplines that attracts the biggest number of racers to get out there on the water, be they juniors, women, our Weekend Warriors or just about anyone who can kite ride a standard kiteboard and wants to have a crack at being part of an event. So this submission will be before the ISAF Conference in early November, which could hopefully by the time we hit round 1 of this seasons KTA Tour you TT guys will be competing for world rankings points and places along with all the other classes.

2013 has also been the year that has seen the KTA take its first steps outside the world of kites with it’s very soon to open, first of its kind in the world, specifically designed ‘Kite Cable Park’. This new venture is based at one of the KTA’s familiar tour stop venues at Pranburi in Thailand under the guidance of one of KTA founding partners Willy Kerr.  This specialist two-tower wake system has been designed and built by Hong Kong based company Topline and although the system is already up and running the park itself is not officially opened as it completes the final stages of the site construction and cable tuning.

Kite Cabl

It will be live soon though so watch out for that and get over there to try it all out once it’s all systems go. With the birth of this new direction for the KTA it has also brought about some essential operational changes that will see the founding duo of Neil Godbold and Willy Kerr now running the two arms separately, with Willy taking charge of all things cable and Neil heading up the events and kiting side of things.

So it’s been quite a season for the KTA, but all of it only exists because of you the riders. You keep on coming back and in ever increasing numbers, so hats off to you and we thank for your support and look forward to the competitions to come with you all.

For this coming season so you know who are all chasing down for those top spots here is just a reminder of who took the titles last year. You might very well like to take one of them for yourself this year if they will let you!


The KTA was supported by a lot great local and international partners and sponsors last season that helped us make it all possible for you. So a big thank you them the key players of which were Cabrinha, Bintan Tourism, Kite Zone, Aqua Borcay by Yoo, Maelstorm, Agro Resort LiP Sunglasses,Sport Authority of Thailand, Blue Orange Ville, Department of Tourism Philippines, Kasbah, Ley Cafe and Sprockett Boards.

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