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The KTA is very pleased to be able to announce the launch of its first official Race Centers in three different countries. So opening in advance of the summer monsoon season we will have –

KTA Race Center  – Philippines Boracay – hosted by the Freestyle Academy KTA Race Center – Thailand Pranburi – hosted by Kitezone KTA Race Center – China Hainan – hosted by the Nanuna Watersports Club

The race trainers from each of these locations have been instrumental in supporting the development of the KTA Race Center Project bringing their skills, knowledge and experience in kiteboarding and kite racing to help us establish the project. So we are very happy that their Race Center’s will be the first to launch the network.

So check out the location and the information and go and try out a Race Center near you or add it to your holiday list and learn to ride a race board on your kite trip this time as well as the next jump you want to land and who knows it could open a whole new arena of kiting for you.

This is just the beginning though three we hope of many to come, so keep watching this space to check for announcements of future Center openings.

Each KTA Race Center will be led by a race trainer who will be able to cover all aspects of race board use, from the basics of set-up and riding through to tacking, gybing and effective downwind riding. The development of race boards in kiteboarding over the past two or three years have added a whole new challenge and dynamic to the sport. For sure this has all come out of the sports drive to be selected for the 2016 Olympics but race boards offer more than just the chance to take up competition racing as can been seen by the brands now developing Freeride race boards to just ride for fun in all conditions as well as turning low wind days into serious sessions and distance riding into a pleasure.


Using a race board is definitely not the same as riding your twin-tip board so a kick start from a KTA race trainer will save you a whole heap of frustration and perhaps even pain.  All KTA Race Center’s are open brand so are independent and non-sales focused. Depending on the Center you train at you will be able to try out different boards from different companies to see what suits you and you’re riding style.  As some KTA Race Center’s will be based at kite schools that also operate shops then you might also be able to purchase your own race or Freeride board should you choose to. These shops will by nature be brand specific to the host school/Center, but this falls outside of the KTA Race Center remit which has no involvement in the sale of equipment.

As well as board hire and coaching KTA Race Center’s may also be able to offer you support for competitions if you choose to compete through board rental for the event you wish to attend. Terms and conditions for this are at the discretion of each Center.

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