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Since 2012, only registered production equipment is eligible for any IKA sanctioned Formula Kite course racing event. Formula Kite is the equipment currently proposed for inclusion in the Olympic Games, Regional Games (like the Panamerican and Central American & Caribbean Games), and also used in the Sailing World Cup.

Similar limitations exist for the Youth Olympic Games and its qualifier events.

Please contact the IKA office for registration details for new "Formula Kite" and "TT:R" equipment.

The key of the new registration system are a yearly registration deadline with 10 pieces of equipment readily build by that date to complete the registration process, as well as the requirement for equipment plaques.

The new Formula Kite Class Rules allow the usage of registered production Hydrofoil systems.

The TT:R class rules applicable for the Youth Olympic Games (and qualifier events) are limiting equipment to the use of registered series production hulls and Leading Edge Inflatable kites.

For further information please contact the IKA office.

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