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Challenging conditions conclude the 2016 European Youth Freestyle Championships

Written by Editor on . Posted in News

The youngest competitors delivered great action on day 2 at the 2016 European Youth Freestyle Championships in Noordwijk, Holland !

After a great competition yesterday we were ready and excited to see the boys U14 and the girls showing their best tricks on the water today.

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After a sunny Skippers meeting at 09:30 we were able to start the first four girls' heats at 10:00 am. French Rider Célia Salome was up against Chiara Adobati from Italy, while Nina Font (ESP) competed against Senne Bruijn (NED). The wind was more onshore and all competitors needed to get used to the rough conditions. The wind direction and the high waves were pushing the riders towards the shoreline so that some riders crashed their kites on the beach and needed assistance from their caddies. Senne Bruijn and Célia Salome couldn't win their first heats, but got the chance to compete in the second round against each other to follow the other girls into the third round. At the second heat Spanish girl Osaia Reding Commaille, youngest one in the division, competed against Dafne Dijkman from the Netherlands. For Dafne it is the third competition in her life and it was hard to ride against Osaia who already attended a few events in the past. Nevertheless both competitors did their best, Osaia advanced to the third round, whereby Dafne got another chance to climb up the Elimination ladder by riding against Eva Dupont (FRA), who lost her first heat against Sorsha van der Ark (NED).

Colleen Falempin (FRA) and Pippa van Iersel (NED) were pre seeded and joined the other girls straight at round three. Four tough and close heats later the participants for the Semi Finals were Nina Font (North Kiteboarding) against Senne Bruijn (Ozone) and Pippa van Iersel (Airush) against Chiara Adobati (Cabrinha). After the high tide the conditions were slightly better in the morning so that the girls had a bit more space between the waves to take off for their tricks. In between their heats the riders warmed up at the Hot Tubs at the beach and supported each other during the competition. Spanish Rider Nina Font advanced into the finals after a great heat against Dutch girl Senne Bruijn. The second semifinal didn't lose excitement. Pippa van Iersel won close against Chiara Adobati, who turned 16 years today. Two more heats were missing at the girls division to complete the elimination ladder. Senne Bruijn and Chiara Adobati met at the losers final to fight for a place on the podium. Pippa van Iersel and Nina Font completed the Youth European Championships at the Kiteboard Open in Norrdwijk with a great performance on the water.

Next to the girls division we were able to run the U14 boys. In total twelve young riders delivered great action inside the competition area. In the first heat one of the youngest competitors, Lau Duprez (BEL), competed against Joris Herrewijnen (NED) and Wout Knipscheer (NED) and became second. The following heat was dominated by Hugo Metton from France followed by Dutch rider Nout Mul and Ilyah Muns (NED). Heat number three included another young Dutch competitor (Duuk van Hees), Oscar Perrineau from France and Jaap van der Kommer from the Netherlands. Perrineau advanced directly into the next round, whereby van der Kommer and Duuk van Hees were fighting for one of the coveted seats in the quarter finals. The final heat of the first round was with Jis van Hees (NED), Ties Verlinden (NED) and Hugo Zirkzee (NED). Ties secured the third place in this heat and competed against Duuk van Hees in the next round, in which he unfortunately lost so that Duuk met his older brother Jis in the quarter finals. The heat between the brothers was very close. Duuk won against his brother by only a few points difference and advanced into the semifinals.

Lau Duprez won against Ilyah Muns, but lost against Hugo Metton in the quarter finals. Wout Knipscheer won the heat against Nout Mul and met Joris Herrewijnen in heat number nine where Herrewijnen made his way via the semifinals against Metton into the finals.

After 4 heats Duuk van Hees managed to reach the loser final with F-One Team Rider Hugo Metton. At the final Heerwijnen met Oscar Perrineau.

All results will be announced tomorrow afternoon at the prize giving at 15:00 pm.

We look back to another successful day at the Youth European Championships 2016 and welcome all riders and parents to join our Judging clinic tomorrow morning at 10:00 am at the beach. There our team will answer all your questions about competitions and judging criteria.

As mentioned before the prize giving will be at 15:00 pm. We hope to see you all tonight for the big beach party at the event! Let's celebrate the success of the first Youth European Championships!

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European Youth Freestyle Championships starts with a bang

Written by Editor on . Posted in News

With the Skippers meeting at 9 am this morning we opened the first Youth European Championships in Noordwijk. In total we have 58 riders from 9 different countries battling for the title of the European Champions 2016.

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After some difficulties with the anchors on the buoys we were able to start the competition at around 10:30 with the first U16 heat of the day. Spanish Rider Javier Jimenez competed against the French Edgar Ulrich and secured his first win of the day. The second heat of the day was led by Martijn Smeets (NED) followed by Tom Wiersma (NED) and British Rider Toby Cooke.

With increasing wind, strong current and waves we were able to finish the first round of the U16 boys without any problems. Polish Rider Mateusz Wlodarczyk showed his best tricks and won against the Italians Matteo Dorotini and Nicoló Korff. Next one who advanced straight into the third round was Nino Liboni (FRA) winnig against Dutch competitor Evan Klijn. Maxime Chabloz from Switzerland won his heat against Best Teamrider Laurens Meyer-Kittel (GER). Théo Fermon, brother of World Cup Rider Antoine Fermon, proved that he is as good as his brother and ready to do his best to become the next European Champion. With a tough heat against Jonas Ouahmid (Airush) from Germany he made his way straight into the third round, whereby Jonas got another chance to stick his tricks later during the day. The following heat was a Dutch battle between Kimo Verkerk (1st position), Lucas Keuning (2nd position) and Tjibbe Jorritsma (3rd position), followed by an outstanding performance between North Kiteboarding Team Rider Tom Bridge (UK) and Cohan van Dijk (NED). Tom Bridge advanced straight into the next round and competed later during the afternoon against Jonas Ouahmid (GER) who unfortunately couldn't use his second chance to climb up the Elimination Ladder.

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The first round of the U16 was done and it was time that the U18 guys showed their best tricks to the International Judges and the big crowd at the beach. The first round included 7 heats which gave an idea what we could expect for the rest of the day. We saw a tough French battle between Romain Giuliano and Lazare Gournay who advanced straight into the third round.

German Rider Julian Hein took the right decision this weekend competing at the Youth European Championships instead of attending the first round of the German Nationals. He won his first heat against Dutch Freestyler Max Berg-Andersen and met Lazare Gournay next to Matthias Lancsár in the third round.

In heat number three Maxence Dubois (BEL) lost closely against Pepijn Herrewijnen (NED). Killian Martineau (FRA) won against Matthias Lancsár (ITA) and met Maxence Dubois in the second round where he won again and made it into the third round against Gournay and Hein.

Dutch Rider Stig Hoefnagel dominated the heat against Stijn Mul (NED) and made it after several rounds into the Loosers Final against French Rider Gournay. Rover Dullaart (NED – 1st) and Guus ten Dolle (NED- 2nd) were riding against each other in heat number 6 before Italian Davide Fontanesi won against Dutch Rider Youri van Rooij.

Back at the U16 Elimination we saw close and exciting heats from Tom Bridge, Mateusz Wlodarczyk, Javier Jimenez, Maxence Chabloz and Nino Liboni, which is the reason they all made it through the first rounds into the Quarter Finals. After a very long, cold and windy competition day Javier Jimenez fought against Maxence Chabloz for the third place of the event. Tom Bridge needed to beat Nino Liboni in the final to become the new U16 European Champion in Freestyle. The results are still with the Judges and Contest Director and will be announced on Monday afternoon at the Prize Giving Ceremony. The riding level of the young competitors is very high and we are looking forward to the future competitions to see more Freestyle Tricks like Front Blind Mobe and 313's.

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At the U18 Elimination Lazare Gournay met Stig Hoefnagel at the Loosers Final. French Rider Louka Pitot (Core) made his way into the finals after winning heats against Davide Fontanesi, Stijn Mul, Rover Dullart, Stig Hoefnagel and Joris Herrewijnen. At the finals he met Cabrinha Teamrider Romain Giuliano, also here we will keep the results secret and announce the happy winners on Monday afternoon.

The forecast for tomorrow looks very promising so that we will start with the Skippers meeting at 09:30 and hope for a first possible start of the girls division at 10:00. Also U14 competitors like Hugo Zirkzee and Ties Verlinden need to show their best tricks to the beach audience and Judges tomorrow morning.

Next to the action on the water, the Kiteboard Open offers Kitesurfing clinics, testivals and a great skateboarding ramp down at the beach.

A very big "thank you" needs to go to the Team around the Kiteboard Open! So far this event is a big success and we are looking forward continuing with the Elimination of the girls and the U14 boys tomorrow morning.

Tonight we welcome all competitors, their families and guests for the Live Acts at the big tent down at the beach.

Take a look at a few action shots our partner ExPix published already at their Facebook Fanpage.

>>Pictures here<<

2016 World Sailing Midyear Meeting Report

Written by Editor on . Posted in News

World Sailings 2016 Midyear Meeting took place in the Olympic Capital Lausanne, Switzerland, and for the kiteboarding community it turned out to be all about our Olympic ambitions.


Youth Olympics 2018

The equipment for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires has confirmed to be Twin Tips - basically following the TT:R class rules with some small amendmends (i.e. registered series production boards and kites to ensure that rich countries will not produce "special edition" equipment and to prevent an arms race).

The courses will be reaching and downwind courses, and at a maximum only include minimal upwinds. The courses will depend on the actual wind conditions and may include obstacles to jump in a boardercross configuration.

The qualification system has been discussed between IKA and World Sailing and we have proposed three qualifier events to bring the qualification opportunities as close as possible to the emerging and developing countries of the world. The proposal included events in three "spheres" - one being South East Asia / Oceania, the second being North and South America, and the third being Europa and Africa. It is our intent to hold the three events namely in SE Asia, Central America, and North Africa.

In total 12 boys and 12 girls will qualify for the Games - a minimum of one nation per continent, plus the 4 best nations of the world regardless of continent, plus one spot for the host nation (Argentina), plus one tri-partite place to allow a competitor from countries that would otherwise not be represented in the Games at all to participate. This place will be granted by the IOC directly.

It is important to understand that in the qualifier events, riders qualify their country and not themselve - then the country decided in national qualifier events which rider they will send to the Games.

The complete qualification system including the detailed specification of equipment (amendmends to the TT:R class rules) will be published by the IOC in June.

Olympic Games 2020

The biggest surprise came in form of a move by the World Sailing Executive Committee and CEO to re-open the slate of events and equipment for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

In a taped interview with Kit McConnell, Event Director at the IOC, he outlined their 'Vision 2020' initiative. While not explicit it seems that the IOC want World Sailing to open up the 2020 events for review.

Previously it had been agreed that all 10 events from Rio 2016 would remain the same to provide some continuity.

As it was presented there is a strong push from the IOC to get kiteboarding in by 2020 and the challenge is to figure out how to combine that with the current 10 events.

It was understood from the discussion that the IOC wishes to see a medal for kiteboarding and not a demonstration event. If that means men, women, both, or some kind of national team competition remains to be seen.

There will be an electronic vote in the next few weeks where World Sailing Council will be asked to open up the Events, with a discussion on the new slate of events to be made in November, or until January latest.

In parallel with the opening of the slate of events request, World Sailing is requesting existing events/ Classes to consider how they might "evolve" and consider "format" as a way of differentiating the Classes and showcasing our sport in the best light.

This means, selected classes and equipment should move away from 10 times doing windward/leeward courses and consider formats like slalom, theatre style, endurance etc., if it fits the class and the equipment.

The IOC decision for 2020 will be made in June 2017 and they will either ratify the proposal made by World Sailing or make a decision of their own.

We will further report on these latest developments at the upcoming European Kiteracing Championships in Cagliari starting on the 16th of May, and enter into discussion with you riders on how to best bring our sport forward.

You can still register for the European Championships at http://internationalkiteboarding.org/index.php/course-racing/events/upcoming-events/formula-kite-events/41-european-championships



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