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Formula Kite European Championships Day 4

Written by Editor on . Posted in News

The fourth day of the competiton was dedicated to the last races of the men's fleets gold and silver and the women's fleet, before the medal races on Sunday. After waiting the whole day the Race Committee managed to get racing underway in marginal breeze, with 3 races for the gold fleet and one race each for silver and women completed.


Oliver Bridge (GBR/North) defending his top podium spot with a 1-5-1 score. Back in second place now is Florian Trittel (ESP, UC/Ozone) while yesterdays second ranked Alejandro Climent (TMV/Ozone) dropped his kite in the first race right in front of the finish line and couldnt finish, dropping him down to 8th position. Riccardo Leccese (ITA, ML/Ozone) defended rank 3 with only 2 points ahead of fourth ranked Ivan Doronin (RUS, ML/Elf) who had a strong performance with a 2-1-4 score in the light winds.

Over in the womens fleet, Elena Kalinina (RUS, UC/Elf) is still in top position but had to take her first defeat in this championship with Aga Grzymska (POL, ML/Ozone) having the bullet of the day. Tatiana Sysoeva (RUS, ML/Ozone) is sitting in third position, but except forKalinina the competition is still fully on.


Although the most important part of the day began in the afternoon, many spectators spent the whole morning at the beach in front of the DUNE apartment building. We also had some special guests on the beach - people with disabilities that took part in the „You and me" integration programme. They were supposed to take their first kitesurfing lesson with a small kite, yet the wind was too weak for that.

Maks Żakowski, defending Polish Champion in Kiteracing, is content with the course of the day: „Today the wind came at around 4 pm, as forecasted, so we had been waiting from the morning and we had some good races afterwards. I got a sixth place twice and a tenth once, which let me keep my seventh place in the ranking".

Andy Curnow, the race officer at the Championship, explains his decision to move the course: „We started off quite close to the shore with the first race, but the wind died below the acceptable level, so we went out, about 3 km to the sea, where we had 6-8 knots and had four more quality races".


Overall Standings after day 4:

1. Oliver Bridge (GBR, North) - 9 pts
2. Florian Trittel (ESP, TMV/Ozone) - 22 pts
3. Riccardo Leccese (ITA, ML/Ozone) - 27 pts
4. Ivan Doronin (RUS, ML/Elf) - 29 pts
5. Florian Gruber (GER, UC/Ozone) - 33 pts

1. Elena Kalinia (RUS, UC/Elf) - 6 pts
2. Aga Grzymska (POL, ML/Ozone) - 11 pts
3. Tatiana Sysoeva (RUS, ML/Ozone) - 16 pts
4. Jade O'Connor (IRL, TMV/Ozone) - 18 pts
5. Anastasia Akopova (RUS, ML/Ozone) - 18 pts

Full results: http://internationalkiteboarding.org/images/documents/events/2014FKEuropeansResults.pdf


Formula Kite European Championships Day 3

Written by Editor on . Posted in News

The weather conditions on the third day of the 2014 Formula Kite European Championships in Mielno/Poland didn't allow for any racing despite the race committee moving the marks around all day long. The wind speed stayed well below the required minimum of 6 knots.

Most of the competitors spent the day resting and taking care of their equipment. Some were sunbathing on the beach in front of the DUNE apartment building, while others were busy trimming their bars and polishing their boards.

Marek Rowiński, Polish rider and the author of the first Kitesurfing Rules of the Road, was also disappointed by the conditions today: „Today we were counting that the beautiful weather will result in the changing of the wind's direction from off-shore, due to the temperature difference between cold water and hot air, but, unluckily, it didn't happen. Tomorrow there is a chance for east wind, I hope, that as many races as possible will be run".

Racing will continue on Saturday with the Gold fleet scheduled to hit the water first when conditions allow.

Overall Standings after 6 races (men) and 5 races (women)

1. Oliver Bridge (GBR, North) - 7 pts
2. Alejandro Climent (ESP, UC/Ozone) - 11 pts
3. Riccardo Leccese (ITA, ML/Ozone) - 11 pts
4. Florian Trittel (ESP, TMV/Ozone) - 12 pts
5. Julien Kerneur (FRA; Airush) - 13 pts

1. Elena Kalinia (RUS, UC/Elf) - 4 pts
2. Aga Grzymska (POL, ML/Ozone) - 10 pts
3. Tatiana Sysoeva (RUS, ML/Ozone) - 11 pts
4. Jade O'Connor (IRL, TMV/Ozone) - 14 pts
5. Anastasia Akopova (RUS, ML/Ozone) - 15 pts

Full results:  http://internationalkiteboarding.org/images/documents/events/2014FKEuropeansResults.pdf

Some lightwind performance while hoping for the conditions to improve:



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