May 23, 2016

Nocher and Kalinina claim first European Championship Titles on foiling Kiteboards

Medal races conclude the 2016 IKA KiteRacing European Championships - for a first time on foiling kiteboards in both the regulated Formula Kite class and the open development…
May 22, 2016

Nocher and Kalinina clear ahead before the medal races at the 2016 Kiteracing Europeans

It has been a very intense competition day, with nine rounds for the entire Fleet. Tomorrow in the medal series, the top 10 men will race in the platinum fleet, then the remaining…

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PKRA News:Rider Interview Michele Ratti Morales

Written by PKRA on . Posted in News

This is rider interview with a young Spanish rider who we have seen on the PKRA for a few years. Michele Ratti Morales could become a strong competitor over the next few years.

Name: Michele Ratti Morales
Nationality: Spain
Sponsors: Looking for Sponsors
Where you live: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Facebook: Michele Morales
Twitter: Michele Morales
Instagram: michelemorales
Website: Coming Soon

\"slim\"   \"\"
Photo: Toby Bromwich/PKRA Rider: Morales

1. Where did you train over the winter and why?

I am training in El Medano, Tenerife this is my home spot where I train, because I\'m studying in high school and I don’t travel so much around the world.
I think training in Medano is good, because we always have wind, but the problem is that the wind is always strong. I would like to travel to Brazil to train in better conditions. I hope to go there when I finish high school.

2. What was your focus during training, specific moves, style, recovering from injury?

My focus for training this winter was to get used to riding boots because before I was riding with foot straps. I was also working on the doubles and to improve my tricks with more power and style.

3. Did you do any cross training, conditioning, surf, snowboard, etc…how does it help your kiting?
I spent my Christmas in Italy with my parents and I got the chance to go to the mountains to snowboard. I had a great time with my family.

4. What PKRA destinations are you looking forward to in 2013 and why?

This year I would like to do all the European and African stops, possibly: Dakhla, France, Italy, Germany, Fuerteventura and Essaouira. It is easier to travel to all the European events and it is during the summer when I do not have school.  It is also less expensive and my parents will help me.

5. What are your sponsors, any changes on the off season and why? What kites are you riding? How they help your riding, what board, straps or bindings, why?

Until now I haven\'t found any sponsors to help me, only a little shop here in el Medano that he gives me a discount on all the material, so this is an advantage for me, better than nothing.
I\'m riding the 2012 Slingshot RPM, I\'m very happy with this kite. The kites give me all I need to make my tricks and I am very happy with how it works. The board I’m using is the slingshot asylum, I\'m very happy with it because when I switch to boots, this board is the only that didn\'t break when I was landing powered tricks, good materials very comfortable, great board.

6. Which rider do you think will make an entry into the top 10(if you why).

I think this year the top 10 riders will be the same, I do not see too much changing.
To enter into the top 10 riders is my biggest dream and I would love to get it.  I am training none stop until I get into the top 10 is; my biggest dream.

7. What moves/style/execution/power will be the biggest factor for you in 2013 in winning your heats?

The biggest factor for me winning heats in 2013 will be power, because now all the riders are in the same level and the factor that determines who win is the power and the style of tricks, but the power is more important because it\'s difficult to make all the tricks in all conditions with the kite 45 degrees or less; so for me the power is very important.

8. Why do you come on the PKRA?

I come to the PKRA because the best riders in the world are on this tour. I battle against them for my place on the world ranking and to learn how to compete.  Seeing the best riders competing against each to a great way to learn how to compete and improve my riding.

9. Are you thinking of doing any crossover into Slalom, to do both disciplines at the events?

Yes of course why not? I think it\'s great a new discipline to try something new to have fun it\'s good and if you win better :)

10. What are your personal goals for 2013 in kiting, life and business? How does the PKRA fit in?

My personal goal for competitions is to do better than the last year, trying to get in to the top 10 and doing my best at every event. Another goal is to pass my driver’s license. :)

11. What is the kite magazine of your Native country and favorite website for kiting news?

I like Kitespain and my favorite website for kiting news is

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