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To grow, evolve and promote the sport of kiteboarding across the globe and across all disciplines.


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Formula Kite

The Formula Kite class is a high performance hydrofoiling class using regulated series registered production equipment freely available.

For Regional Games and a possible inclusion in the Olympic Games, one hydrofoil model and one kite model will be selected for a plain level playing field and to avoid an arms race.


KiteFoil GoldCup

The KiteFoil class is a full development class with minimal equipment limitation, allowing brands to test the latest equipment on the market.

The GoldCup tour is the sports premium event series with events all around the world and a strong focus on media production and prize money level.



Slalom on TT:R (TwinTip boards) has been selected as the discipline and equipment for the Youth Olympic Games 2018 in Buenos Aires.

The focus of this high-octane discipline is on equipment handling and technique and includes reaching starts, reaching courses, and obstacels to jump.



The Expression Disciplines currently include Freestyle, Big Air, Wave Riding, Strapless Freestyle and Park. Competition is judged on difficulty and execution rather than "first past the post".

World Sailing, IKA and GKA have agreed to share the responsibilities for the Expression Disciplines with the Open World Titles awarded through professional tours.


Youth Olympics

Kiteboarding has been included in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games with a boardercross event on IKA TwinTip:Racing equipment, for boys and girls born between 2000 and 2003.

Have a look here to learn more about equipment limitations, formats and qualification opportunities.


Olympic and Regional Games

The IKA continues to campaign for an inclusion of kiteboarding in the 2020 Tokyo Games and several Regional Games on One Design Kitefoiling Equipment.

The Formula Kite class is the only afforadable solution for emerging and developing nations to compete in high performance classes and ticks all boxes of the IOC requirements, especially for youth and media appeal.


After the success of their 2010 World Tour that promoted kiteboarding for girls all over the world, the KB4girls team around World Champion Kristin Boese is now taking their World Tour to a whole new level.

KB4girls announces the establishment of the KB4Girls foundation, a non-profit organization registered in Hood River/Oregon, and introduces their concept for the year 2011 and the future.

Kristin Boese, founder of KB4Girls: “The year 2010 has truly been amazing
and extremely motivating for me. Seeing all the happy faces in our events and feeling the support from all the local communities and female kiters around the world has shown me that there really is an objective and a future to KB4Girls.”

She goes on to say: “It was the most amazing feeling this past year to be able to help others through our sport. Through our events we have learned how to channel even more focus on reaching out to others and have added even more goals and targets to our events. Establishing a foundation was the first step for us to take to be able to realize these goals.”

Laurel Eastman, kiteboarding legend and now secretary of the KB4Girls foundation states: “It is the KB4Girls foundation’s mission to empower women through kiteboarding events that further motivation, self-confidence and courage. Our goal is giving women a platform in the male dominated world of water sports and through our events and fundraising we also support women in need around the world.”

In order to be able to target all their goals KB4Girls is introducing 3 different event types for 2011. The KB4Girls PRO events specifically target competition coaching and are will motivate females to start kiteboarding on a competitive level. The KB4Girls UNITE events are going to unite females around the world and give them the opportunity to meet new female kite friends and experience a female-only environment.

Last, but certainly not least, the KB4Girls FOR A CAUSE events introduce fundraising events into the schedule and program by teaming up with local charitable organizations to support women and children in need.

With their newly launched website KB4Girls will give their participants the chance to support their cause by building personal fundraising pages and raising funds for the charity cooperating with the specific event they are participating in.

Michelle Yamamoto, treasurer of KB4Girls explains: “Introducing personal fundraising goals to our events makes it possible for us to continue to offer free of charge events to the girls and women around the world and to still support others through the events.”

The 2011 tour will cover a total of 10 events in 4 different continents and a total of 3 beginner clinics will be include to give females that have never been in touch with kiteboarding before the chance to get into the sport.

The foundation’s board of directors consisting of president Kristin Boese (GER), secretary Laurel Eastman (USA) and treasurer Michelle Yamamoto (USA). Furthermore a board of advisors including Sandy Parker (USA), Elea Faucheron (USA), and Fiona Kempton (USA) has been introduced.

KB4Girls is also joined by a whole battery of ambassador that help to spread the foundations message, amongst them are 3x Freestyle World Champion Cindy Mosey (NZ), 3x KiteRace World Champion Steph Bridge (UK), Speed World Champion Melissa Gil (PR/USA), 2008 KPWT world champion Ania Grzelinska (POL) and many more.

KB4Girls is proudly supported by its founding sponsors Best Kiteboarding, DaKine and Kiehl’s. Various sponsorship and membership options are available to everyone or every company that wants to show their support for females around the world.

For further information about ambassadors and partners, support options, the 2011 KB4Girls event venues, online registration and much more go to: www.KB4Girls.org

The KB4Girls tour schedule 2011 reads as follows:

Philippines, March 8 - 12, 2011
Australia/QLD, April 19 - 22, 2011
Turkey, May 10 – 12, 2011
USA/CA, May 28 – 29, 2011
Netherlands, June 17 – 18, 2011
United Kingdom, June 23 – 26, 2011
Germany, July 8 – 10, 2011
USA/OR, July 16 , 2011
USA/NY, September 16-18, 2011
Australia/WA, December 16 – 18, 2011

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      www.KB4Girls.org
Twitter: KB4Girls
Facebook : KB4Girls

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Formula Kite


KiteFoil Open


TT:R Open


TT:R Youth



male Nico Parlier  France      male Axel Mazella  France      male Martin Dolenc  Croatia      male Benoit Gomez  France      male Alex Caizergues  France  
female Daniela Moroz  United-States     female A. Desjardins  France     female Jingle Chen  China     female Sofia Tomasoni  Italy     female Hannah Whiteley  United-Kindom  

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Big Air


Wave / Strapless



male Carlos Mario  Brazil                   male Posito Martinez  Dominican-Republic                  male Airton Cozzolino  Italy      male Sam Light  United-Kindom   
female Bruna Kajiya  Brazil       female Bibiana Magaji  Slovakia      female Jalou Langeree  Netherlands      female Annelous Lammerts  Netherlands   

   Top Rankings SnowKite

Racing Ski


Racing Snowboard


Long Distance Ski


Long Distance Snowboard

male Felix Kersten  Germany                   male Reinhold Gehrer  Austria                  male Felix Kersten  Germany      male Reinhold Gehrer  Austria   
female Maria Stellitano  Italy       female Aija Ambrasa  Latvia      female Maria Stellitano  Italy      female Aija Ambrasa  Latvia