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Oct 27, 2016

2016 IKA Annual General Meeting

The 2016 AGM of the International Kiteboarding Association will be held on January 14th, 2017, in Brussels.The date in early January has been chosen to give National Class…
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Jul 18, 2016

Top KiteFoilers Stage Enthralling Show in High-Octane Racing

The world's fastest kitefoilers put a thrilling display of tight racing as they battled each other and the conditions that spanned the full gamut of possibilities for a…

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PKRA News:Pastor and Pulido Win the Single in France

Written by PKRA on . Posted in News

The second day of competition started with great conditions. The men riding 7 m kites and women were on 5, 6 meter kites with sunny skies.  Alex Pastor and Gisela Pulido won the single elimination. Aaron Hadlow defeated Youri Zoon in the second round and lost to Alex Pastor in the final but guaranteed himself a podium spot for the Mondial du vent.  The first round of the double elimination of men was started and we will be finishing the competition tomorrow and crowning two champions.


The women took to the water first and had to get used to the conditions, the veterans Rodenas and Bonzom advanced and Vieira show some good tricks to defeat Van Der Snoek.  The second round of men was on right from the start with Da Silva versus Tack, with Tack under the weather Da Silva easily won with a perfect BJ7 which set the tone for the competition.  The big upset of the competition was delivered by Aaron Hadlow who upset the defending world champion in a close heat early in the competition. The other upset was Alberto Rondina who was battling injuries and lost to Mario Rodwald and withdrew from the competition.


The women’s quarter final was dominated by the top seeds that landed their repertoire of tricks and all made it to the semifinals.  The men’s quarterfinals were very exciting starting with Da Silva versus Jacobs who have contrasting styles.  Jacobs’s powered moves (back mobe, NIS) defeated the young Brazilian.  Hadlow kept his run going by beating Rodwald, Borisov  powered riding  eliminated Langeree  and sent him to his first PKRA semifinal.  Alex Pastor’s execution stayed flawless and sent Whaley to the double elimination. 


The first semifinal was between Bruna Kajiya and Gisela Pulido, this is a classic battle of two world champions that have been going at each other for years, Gisela got the upper hand by being more consistent in the gusty winds and landing more tricks.  The second heat between Karolina Winkowska and Manuela Jungo, the world champion dominated by landing more powered tricks.  The first semifinal of the men between Jacobs and Hadlow was very close, Aaron was landing and executing his tricks smoothly, Marc had more power but was not very smooth on his landings.  It was close, but Aaron qualified for his first PKRA final since 2009.  Borisov was the new comer to the semifinals against Alex Pastor.  Borisov was good, but was no match for Alex’s double S-1, back mobe 5 and front blind mobe.


The first battle for the third-place podium spot between Kajiya and Jungo was close until the last minute when Bruna landed a big blind judge and 313; Manuela had a blind judge but could not match Bruna’s power.   On the men’s side it was Borisov versus Jacobs who have similar style.  Both riders were checking their landings but it was Marc Jacobs that took the podium spot.

The women’s final was between Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska.  Gisela was on right from the start and landed a full repertoire of tricks.  Karolina had a hard time finding her rhythm and was unable to land all of her tricks.  Gisela was back on top of the podium and will do her best to secure her first win of the season. 

The men’s final was between Alex Pastor and Hadlow, the action was intense from the start.  The two riders traded tricks for the entire heat going back and forth for the lead.  In the end it was Alex pastor who took the win with a last minute double S-1.  Alex Pastor is in a great position to take a commanding points lead in the 2013 ranking.

All the trick and scores can be seen here

The Double elimination of the men was started in the late afternoon, the wind had dropped a bit and the men were able to put up their 9 meter kites.  In the first two heats Tack and Blanc both advanced by being more consistent in the gusty conditions.  Da Silva had a bye due to Rondina’s injury and put a little show for the crowd.  In the next heat the two fan favorites Garat and Zoon battled it out with Zoon taking the win and looking to chase a podium spot tomorrow.  Schitzhofer and Romeu both advance to the next round.  Valentin Garat won against Jaspan and Paul Serin bowed out to Sam Light.

Tomorrow competition will resume at 10:00 and the men and women Mondial du Vent Champions will be chosen.

Daily Photos Day 2




Read original article: PKRA News:Pastor and Pulido Win the Single in France

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