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Oct 27, 2016

2016 IKA Annual General Meeting

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Top KiteFoilers Stage Enthralling Show in High-Octane Racing

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KTE News:Local Organizer Luca Valentini

Written by KTE on . Posted in News

The Kitesurf Tour Europe will be in Italy - Gizzeria from 24. - 27. July 2014. Luca Valentini is our local organizer for this event. Check out the small interview we did recently with Luca. 

KTE: You will be the Local Organizer of the Kitesurf Tour Europe for the first time, what do you expect from that international event?


Luca: I have organized a Slalom European Championship in 2012 and Racing European Championship in 2013, with the participation of 95 athletes from all parts of the world. My main interest in this type of event is to promote Hang Loose Beach at international level. Hang Loose Beach is a beach club, but also a kiteschool and kitecenter with exceptional wind conditions. In past editions of Aloha Surf and Beach Party I also had 40,000 people in the days of the event, but mostly a lot of media coverage around the world. I had press releases, local television stations, national and foreign companies that are interested in the event. Everything is finalized to my business. I invest a lot of myself in this type of events, because sponsors never cover all the costs. but I do it to promote Hang Loose Beach. I am sure that even after the KTE this year many people will know better and feel good talking to Hang Loose Beach and will come here to spend their holidays in kitesurfing. 


KTE: Tell us something about Gizzeria.



Luca: Gizzeria is a small coastal village of 4000 inhabitants, but in summer they come to be 40,000. Is located just 4 km from the 'international airport of Lamezia Terme (SUF), very well connected with direct flights from Germany, France, Belgium, UK, Russia and Switzerland. Gizzeria has a beautiful sea and beaches, but does not offer much to tourists. However, it is possible to visit no more than half an hour drive famous tourist location such as Tropea, Pizzo and Capo Vaticano. The Aeolian Islands are just 3 hours by boat fast.


KTE: Tell us something about the wind and weather conditions end of July.


We have a daily thermal winds from April to the end of August. This wind is accelerated by 'venturi effect thanks to the shape of the coast and the mountains behind us. the best months are from April to July, with average wind reaches 17 knots every day. In August, we have about 14 knots on average. This type of wind comes from the north west with the sea slightly choppy. In spring and autumn we also have sirocco wind that comes from the southeast with average intensity of 25 knots. 

The end of July, with High Pressure conditions, we can have the basic 15 knots with peaks of 20 knots. In past editions, during the races, we always had every day a great wind. For the KTE this year I think for sure we will have good conditions for Freestyle, the Formula Race and TT Race. 


KTE: What can we expect from the event? Great party? Great weather? Great winds? Many people?!



As I have already explained every year we organize a race kite within this great event that is "Aloha Surf and Beach Party" . This great event is a set up of different events including: international kitesurfing championships , national championships street basketball and beach volleyball. In addition, during the 5 days we organize shows with Freestyle sport by Red Bull Team as it was with freestyle BMX , Freestyle Moto , F1, break dance , street dance, video wall , concerts and big disco party , happy hour . For us is very easy to organize this because , in the summer, we do all this every week . For example, every Friday we organize disco party with 2500 people , as well as organize a happy hour on Sunday and arriival of 2000 guys to dance during the sunset. The time course is good at 99 % with about 35/40 degrees to ' exterior and the temperature of the ' water of about 25 degrees . I think that this year we could have during Aloha Party about 50,000 people in 4 days.


KTE: Why should people come to our event?


Many people come in Hang Loose Beach because they always find a fun environment. in the week end of July and August we normally have about 5000 people who spend the day with us.

We have local and regional customers. then we have many domestic and foreign tourists who come to gizzeria for kitesurfing. I also hope that many tourists come to see the KTE.


KTE: Who is your favorite Italian Kitesurfer?


In freestyle Alberto Rondina, in race Andrea Beverino.



KTE: Who is your favorite international Kitesurfer?


Airton Cozzolino because I like wave rider. 


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Read original article: KTE News:Local Organizer Luca Valentini

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