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Aug 20, 2015

International Sailing Federation (ISAF) confirms IKA’s sole rights to hold World Championships of the class

In an official statement sent today to the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and "Virgin Kiteboarding", the International Sailing Federation has confirmed that under…
Aug 01, 2015

KiteFoil GoldCup USA Day 2

Top Talent Moves on to Finals in Kite Foil Gold CupAfter two days of qualifying races, a field of 69 kiters has been narrowed down to two fleets for the Finals: 35 top contenders…

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PKRA News:Full day of Slalom at the Beetle World Cup

Written by PKRA on . Posted in News

With the winds never picking up over 12 knots, a full day of racing was the call for today at the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup, Saint peter Ording Germany.  The wind filled in early and the racers took to the water really motivated to get some results.  The battle was fierce every final, everyone was a contender to get a top spot.  Kerneur and Lake each won a couple of races and the rest of the fleet took turn finishing in 3rd.  Boenniger kept dominating the women’s fleet and solidified her lead in first and Kerneur is one win ahead of Lake overall.


The heats were reshuffled according to their overall ranking, so that the top racers would not meet each other in the first round. On the men’s side 3 heats of 7 were run in the 1st round, with the top 3 of each heat advancing into the final. On the women side, one super final was run during every round, meaning that every heat was crucial for the girls.


Boenniger was dominating every race; she was first at the first mark every time and first at the finish line.  She has had a perfect event so far.  The battle was for 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Lutz got 3 2nd place finishes and a 5th when she could not point enough to make the finish line and hit the beach.  Tatiana was kiting very well but could not repeat her performance from yesterday and got a 2nd, two 3rd, a 4th but stayed 2nd overall, Boese finished 4th and Bremer 5th. The girls had some close battles through the day and every race was entertaining.


On the men’s side of racing every final was intense from the start to the finish.  The course was set up with four marks with the first leg around 400m and the others around 300m.  The first leg allows the racers time to spread out before the first mark, to make sure they do not all arrive at the same time and have kaos at the first mark with kites tangling.  The second Mark was set up a bit off the wind so the racers had to move their kites to achieve maximum speed, and the last two legs were set up for speed.  The course gave competitors many passing opportunities and riders were constantly going neck and neck.


Julien Kereneur won the first two races and Bryan Lake was a close second behind him.  The battle for third place in the first 3 races was intense, with the rest of the fleet going hard for a podium spot. In the first race Castel finished just a few centimeters in front of Smith.  In the second race of the day Smith got his revenge and was his turn to take the third place away from Florian Gruber.  In race two Baumeister was on the last leg on his way to second-place finish when he got to close the beach and touch the bottom with his fins and crashed hard, ending his chances at a top finish.

Video of men finals Race #4
Video of men finals Race #5

In race three and four it was a different story with Brian Lake taking command of the top spots and Julien Kerneur crashing out.  Smith took the opportunity to go full speed and finished second.  There was also good bit of tangling in the back with Biniash and Castel tangling in race 3.  Adam Whitington placed third in the third race of the day after a few tangles and crashes in the other races.

Video of men finals Race #6
Video of men finals Race #7

Julien Kerneur is in the lead but only by one win, if Bryan wins another race he moves into the lead.  The Battle for third place is pretty open, with Gruber currently in third but Smith, Withington, Castel and Baumeister could all make a run at him.  The racing kept everyone entertained, the wind will be building back up tomorrow and the single elimination will be finished in the morning and the doubles will start. The forecast is looking light for the weekend so the Freetyle Beetle kitesurf World Cup champion will be determined tomorrow. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and updates.



Read original article: PKRA News:Full day of Slalom at the Beetle World Cup

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