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2 days ahead Mielno
Formula Kite Belgium Open
20 days ahead Duinbergen
Twin Tip Racing Belgium Open
20 days ahead Duinbergen
KiteFoil Belgium Open
20 days ahead Duinbergen
KiteFoil GoldCup Australia
25 days ahead Townsville
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Entry List for the 2014 Formula Kite Worlds

# Lastname Firstname Nationality Gender BoardBrand KiteBrand
1 Akopova Anastasia Russian Female MikesLab Ozone
2 Berz Astrid Switzerland Female MikesLab Ozone
3 Berz Astrid Swiss Female MikesLab Ozone
4 Bridge steph British Female North North
5 Bridge steph British Female North North
6 CEYLAN MERVE TURKISH Female Temavento Ozone
7 Dufour Catherine Canadian Female MikesLab Ozone
8 Goma Nuria Spanish Female MikesLab Ozone
9 Grzymska Aga POL Female MikesLab Ozone
10 Heineken Erika USA Female MikesLab Ozone
11 Kalinina Elena russian Female Temavento Elf
12 Lygoe Beth St. Lucia Female MikesLab Cabrinha
13 OConnor Jade Ireland Female Temavento Ozone
14 OConnor Jade Ireland Female Temavento Ozone
15 OZTURK BILGE TURKISH Female Temavento Ozone
16 Roose Katja Dutch Female Airush Airush
17 Sysoeva Tatiana Russia Female MikesLab Ozone
20 Azulai DVIR iSRAEL Male Aguera North

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