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Formula Kite Polish Open
7 days ahead Jastarnia
Formula Kite Sail Townsville
8 days ahead Townsville
Formula Kite Formula Kite Europeans
11 days ahead Mielno
Formula Kite Belgium Open
29 days ahead Duinbergen
Twin Tip Racing Belgium Open
29 days ahead Duinbergen
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Entry List for the 2014 Formula Kite Europeans

# Lastname Firstname Nationality Gender OtherSponsors
1 Akopova Anastasia Russian Female
2 Bridge Steph British Female Edgewatersports / Volvo /Meanline fins/ ION /
3 Grzymska Aga POL Female West Pomerania, DobraMarina.pl
4 Mazeikaite Emile Lithuania Female
5 Mazeikaite Emile Lithuania Female
6 Mazeikaite Emile Lithuania Female Neringos sporto mokykla
7 OConnor Jade Ireland Female PureMagic Dublin
8 OConnor Jade Ireland Female Pure Magic Dublin.
10 Abolins Larss Latvian Male
11 Azulai dvir iSRAEL Male
12 Bachev Alexander Bulgarian Male
13 Bainbridge Connor British Male
14 Baranczuk Tomasz Poland Male Kite MoVi
15 beverino andrea italy Male OZONE- SELIN S.R.L
16 Beverino Andrea Italy Male Ozone-Selin s.r.l
17 Bridge Oliver United Kingdom Male Volvo cars, Meanline Fins
18 Bridge Oliver British Male Edgewatersports / Volvo /Meanline fins/ ION /
19 climent hernandez Alejandro spain Male Ozone, Tema Vento , Meanline
20 climent hernandez Alejandro Climent Hernand... spain Male Ozone - tema vento - meanline

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