Upcoming Racing Events

Formula Kite Polish Open
6 days ahead Jastarnia
Formula Kite Sail Townsville
7 days ahead Townsville
Formula Kite Formula Kite Europeans
10 days ahead Mielno
Formula Kite Belgium Open
28 days ahead Duinbergen
Twin Tip Racing Belgium Open
28 days ahead Duinbergen
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Breaking News
At the Formula Kite Race World Championships in Istanbul ,Katja Roose used the skippers meeting in the morning to… Read more...
   |    (2014-08-21)
Day three of the 2014 Formula Kite World Championships in Burc Beach, Istanbul/Turkey saw the… Read more...
   |    (2014-08-21)
ROTW organisers etc4AC announced today that 25 craft have now registered to take part in… Read more...
   |    (2014-08-21)
Here is a video wrap up after the end of the mens qualifying series. Racing… Read more...
   |    (2014-08-20)
Biggest Egyptian Kite talent in the international world of kitesports. Karim Shawki particpating in worlds… Read more...
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Entry List for the 2014 Formula Kite Asians

# Lastname Firstname Nationality Gender Sponsors
1 Akopova Anastasia Russian Female
2 Brandt Anke German Female
3 Dufour Catherine Canadian Female 30 noeuds, KiteFix, Point Co, Oasis, Promutuel, La...
4 Grzymska Aga POL Female Ozone Kites Polska, Pomorze Zachodnie, Klub Sporto...
5 OConnor Jade Ireland Female PureMagic Dublin
6 OConnor Jade Ireland Female Pure Magic Dublin
8 Abdel Fattah Omar Egyptian Male None
9 beverino andrea italy Male OZONE -SELIN S.R.L-FOX KITE-ACCAEMME
10 Climent Hernandez Alejandro spain Male Ozone, tema vento,
11 Di Benedetto Alessandro Italy Male
12 Dolenc Ivica Croatian Male Jofa d.o.o.
13 Dolenc Martin CRO Male Temavento,Ozone ,Z-fins,jofa, <3
14 Dutra Pessoa Filho Ricardo Brasil Male Ozone, ARENA FUNCIONAL, bodete KitePoint
15 fazioli pietro italy Male rambla maccarese , www.letortediarianna.it
16 Fernando Louie filipino Male greenyard cabrinha philippines, aboitiz group of c...
17 Galeazzi Mattia Italy Male Airush, Prolimit, Blaskiteshop
18 Hoad James British Male
19 Janiak Tomek Polish Male RRD.it ; BLUEMEDIA.pl ; abcsurf.pl ; N+1; SKŻ Erg...
20 Maus Jannis German Male North Ion, Maui Ultra Fins

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