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Formula Kite Canadian Nationals
Today Nitinaht Lake
Twin Tip Racing Canadian Nationals
Today Nitinaht Lake
KiteFoil Canadian Nationals
Today Nitinaht Lake
Formula Kite Swedish Open
4 days ahead Borstahusen
KiteFoil GoldCup Switzerland
15 days ahead Silvaplana
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(2014-07-25)    |    (2014-07-24)    |    (2014-07-24)
The sixth and final day of the Fuerteventura Kiteboarding Grand Slam wrapped up today with… Read more...
   |    (2014-07-24)
The fifth day of competition from the Fuerteventura Kiteboarding Grand Slam arrived with a surprise… Read more...
   |    (2014-07-23)    |   
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Leaderboard Men

Maxime Nocher   France    100.00 pts
John Heineken United-States 96.67 pts
Nicolas Parlier France  93.33 pts
Julien Kerneur France 90.00 pts
Joey Pasquali United-States 86.67 pts
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Yo Pudla     Thailand  147.62 pts
D. Delos Santos Philippines 144.37 pts
Atte Kappel Sweden 124.44 pts
Jay Ortiz Philippines 121.46 pts
Marc Huber Switzerland 99.75 pts
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Florian Gruber      Germany    547.92 pts
Riccardo Leccese Italy 525.09 pts
Oliver Bridge United-Kindom  488.73 pts
Blazej Ozog Poland 488.56 pts
Alejandro Climent Spain 483.60 pts
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Leaderboard Women

Kathrin Borgward Germany    131.67 pts
Lisa Nikitina  Ukraine  100.00 pts
Kelly Schouten Netherlands 70.45 pts
B. Jantawan Thailand 63.33 pts
Rahel Holliger Switzerland 44.70 pts
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Astrid Berz Switzerland    499.04 pts
Katja Roose Netherlands  494.22 pts
Aga Grzymska Poland 462.57 pts
Steph Bridge United-Kindom 438.31 pts
Elena Kalinina Russia 384.62 pts
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Defending Men's World Champion

Florian Gruber

Florian Gruber Germany

Born: 1993

Sponsors: Ozone, Temavento

Defending Women's World Champion


Erika Heineken United-States

Born: 1986

Sponsors: Ozone, Mikes Lab, STFYC

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