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Inside The ISAF Training Resources - Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding has taken the 21st Century by storm. From adventurous beginnings to world sailing speed records, it is now an established sport with a huge global following.

The sport is colourful and exciting with varied disciplines that are all relatively easy to learn. It can be performed in shallow or deep water, flat seas or in waves and in light or strong winds. Aspiring kiteboarders can enjoy numerous experiences, setting personal goals at every level.Read More


Upcoming Events

Freestyle Cook Island Open
6 days ahead Aitutaki
Racing Russian Open
7 days ahead Lake Pleshcheyevo
Freestyle Russian Open
7 days ahead Lake Pleshcheyevo
Racing South/Middle American Champion...
7 days ahead Bonaire
Racing Montenegro Open
10 days ahead Ulcinj
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Sanctioned Tours

Professional Kiteboard Riders Association -

Kite Surf Pro -

Kite Tour Europe -

Kite Tour Asia -

Recognized Programs

Kiteboarding for Girls -

Kite Kids -

KTA Race Centers -


The International Kiteboarding Association is an international class of the International Sailing Federation.


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