News Update - Kite Babes V 2.0 | PKRA News:Junior World\s Launch June 28th

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Kite Babes V 2.0

From 12 to 15 June 2014 Hang Loose Beach in Gizzeria will host the second International Kite Camp dedicated to women.

Kite Babes is actually a great initiative we started last year which involved up to 30 girls of all ages, from different European countries such as France, England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, and Italy.




















The camp was a 'full immersion' week dedicated to kitesurfing - not solely developed with the intention of bringing women into this wonderful sport, but also to create the appropriate element of socialising, bonding and indeed fun between the participants.

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PKRA News:Junior World\s Launch June 28th

The 2014 Juniors Kiteboarding Freestyle World Championship is set to take place once again on the beautiful shores of Costa Brava, Spain, June 28 through July 4th. Situated on a classic strand of beach on the Mediterranean Sea, Camping La BallenaRead More


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