Registrants List

Status First Name Last Name Nationality Gender Year of Birth Board Brand Kite Brand
Confirmed Chiara Adobati Italy Female 17
Confirmed Joaquin Alonso Argentina Male 2000
Confirmed GABRIELE ANTOGNOZZI Italy Male 2003
Confirmed Justine AVRIL France Female 2001
Confirmed Sary Awad Italy Male 2002
Confirmed Victor Bachichet France Male 2000
Not Paid Youssef Ben Ali Tunisia Male 1988
Confirmed axel besse France, Metropolitan Male 2002
Confirmed Mani Bisschops Australia Male 2000
Confirmed Lorenzo Boschetti Italy Male 2000
Confirmed IVAN BOUEKE Argentina Male 2000
Not Paid Oliver Bridge United Kingdom Male 1997
Confirmed Tom Bridge United Kingdom Male 2001
Confirmed ANTONIO JUNIOR BUONO Italy Male 2002
Confirmed Jan Burgdoerfer Germany Male 2000
Not Paid Lorenzo Calcaño Dominican Republic Male 2000
Confirmed Pedro Lorenzo Calcano Paolino Dominican Republic Male 2000
Confirmed alessandro caruso Italy Male 2002
Confirmed Francesco Clausi Italy Male 2001
Confirmed Deury Corniel Javier Dominican Republic Male 2000
Confirmed BRANDON RAFAEL CUOMO Italy Male 2001
Confirmed BENJAMIN DAFFIN United Kingdom Male 2001
Confirmed ryan daffin United Kingdom Male 2003
Not Paid PULIDO CASTAGNO DANIEL Venezuela Male 2001
Confirmed Théo de Ramecourt France Male 1997
Confirmed ANDREA GAETANO DI BIASE Italy Male 2001
Confirmed Isotta Di Domenico Italy Female 2001
Confirmed Martin Dolenc Croatia Male 2000
Confirmed Matteo Dorotini Italy Male 2002
Confirmed Juan Bautista Dowbley Argentina Male 2002
Confirmed SEBASTIAN DUCOS SENDRA Spain Male 2002
Confirmed EVA DUPONT France, Metropolitan Female 2000
Not Paid Alexander Ehlen Monaco Male 2001
Not Paid mancuso federica Italy Female 2000
Confirmed Nina Font Castells Spain Female 2001
Not Paid Marco Theodore Francis Italy Male 2001
Confirmed Marco Theodore Francis Italy Male 2001
Confirmed Matteo Gaffarelli Italy Male 2001
Confirmed lorenzo gatti Italy Male 2001
Confirmed TOMASZ GLAZIK Poland Male 2000
Confirmed emma gobbini United Kingdom Female 24022000
Confirmed Benoit GOMEZ France Male 2000
Confirmed Rut Gouws South Africa Female 2003
Confirmed Detlef Groebert Germany Male 1964
Confirmed Terje magnus Groenewoud South Africa Male 2002
Confirmed Florian Gruber Germany Male 1993
Not Paid Andreas Gustafsson Sweden Male 810604
Confirmed Julian Hein Germany Male 2000
Confirmed Oliwia Hlobuczek Poland Female 2001
Confirmed Eddie Hooper United Kingdom Male 2000
Confirmed Rachael Hooper United Kingdom Female 2002
Confirmed Mateusz Jacyno Poland Male 1986
Confirmed javier jimenez pena Spain Male 2001
Confirmed Jakub Jurkowski Poland Male 2004
Confirmed Atte Kappel Sweden Male 1972
Confirmed Xaver Kiebler Germany Male 2000
Confirmed Alina Kornelli Germany Female 2000
Confirmed Jan Koszowski Poland Male 2006
Confirmed Maya Kowa Germany Female 2002
Confirmed Robin KRIKKEN France Male 2000
Confirmed Aga krzyzanowska Poland Female 1984
Confirmed gian marco la rosa Italy Male 2001
Confirmed SALVATORE LAURANO Italy Male 25032004
Confirmed Claudia Leon Martinez Spain Female 2001
Confirmed Arthur LHEZ France Male 2002
Confirmed Theo Lhostis France Male 1998
Confirmed GERONIMO LUTTERAL Argentina Male 2000
Confirmed Karl Lao Tzu Maeder Switzerland Male 2008
Confirmed Maximilian Maeder Switzerland Male 2006
Confirmed Filippo Marabini Italy Male 2003
Confirmed Cameron Maramenides United States Male 2002
Confirmed Axel mazella France Male 1997
Confirmed MANUEL MONACO Italy Male 2001
Confirmed lorenzo morelli Italy Male 2000
Confirmed Daniela Moroz United States Female 2001
Confirmed lilian mosa France Male 2000
Confirmed Poema Newland France, Metropolitan Female 2000
Confirmed TOM NORTH Germany Male 2000
Confirmed Kirstyn OBrien United States Female 1987
Confirmed Elias Ouahmid Germany Male 1999
Confirmed kiko peiro mora Spain Male 2003
Confirmed Maggie Eillen Pescetto Italy Female 2000
Confirmed anthony picard France Male 2000
Confirmed alessio pintus Italy Male 2003
Confirmed Pedro Reyes Torcq Spain Male 2003
Confirmed Florent Ribert France Male 1979
Confirmed Stephane Ribert France Male 1974
Confirmed Ona Romani Argentina Female 2002
Confirmed DANTE ROMEO MARRERO Italy Male 2000
Confirmed jose antonio rubio soro Spain Male 2001
Confirmed Alice Ruggiu Italy Female 2002
Confirmed Andrea Rugna Sapia Italy Male 2000
Confirmed Elena Sabatini Italy Female 2001
Confirmed Célia SALOME France Female 2000
Confirmed Sveva Sanseverino di Marcellinara Italy Female 2001
Confirmed TURÉGANO SERGIO Spain Male 2001
Confirmed Irene Tari Italy Female 2003
Confirmed FERMON Théo France Male 2002
Not Paid Louis-alexandre Thieux Monaco Male 2002
Confirmed sofia tomasoni Italy Female 2002
Confirmed ALEXANDRA TORRES RODRIGUEZ Spain Female 2002
Confirmed Tiger Tyson Antigua and Barbuda Male 2002
Confirmed EDGAR ULRICH France Male 2002
Confirmed LOLA ULRICH France Female 2000
Confirmed benjamin Valli France, Metropolitan Male 2001
Confirmed Jerrie Van de Kop Netherlands Male 1994
Confirmed MARINA VODISEK Slovenia Female 2001
Confirmed TONI VODISEK Slovenia Male 2000
Confirmed Jakub Watorowski Poland Male 2002
Confirmed Jakub Wegner Poland Male 2001
Confirmed Dariusz Ziomek Poland Male 1979