Decision Making and Governance Structure - Executive Committee

The IKA Executive Committee

The duties and responisbilities of the executive committee are to supervise the day to day business of the association as conducted by the Executive Office (Executive Secretary / General Manager)

The Excutive committee implements decisions and policy guidance of the General Assembly and working parties.


The current members of the Executive Committee are:

mircobabini   President

  Mirco Babini

Term: Until 2021


Mirco has been a windsurfer of the early days, including winning several italian championships, competing on the international pro circuit and campaigning in the Olympic windsurfing class.

He has been involved with kiteboarding from the very beginning, as marketing and sales specialist for various brands, competitor and later event organiser.

Mirco has professional experience in professional sailing including the Italian Americas Cup Challenger "Luna Rossa" and is always looking for future opportunities for the sport. He has been also involved in the development of the World Sailing "Learn to Kiteboard" syllabus and is leading the IKA since 2014.

brunodewannamaeker   Vice President   Bruno de Wannemaeker

Term: Until 2019


Bruno, also former president of the International Funboard Class, was one of the founding fathers of IKA.

He was initially adopted, representing Belgium, for his Race Management and Rules Skills.

Bruno is one of the few IRO, IJ and IM in this world and has been working close with IYRU, later ISAF and now World Sailing for decades. His experience and contacts in windsurfing can now also be used to develop further the Kitesurfing disciplines.

gizzeria profile   Executive Secretary   
  Markus Schwendtner

Term: Until 2020


Markus was one of the founding members of the IKA in 2006 and has been responsible for the day to day business of the association since then.

He has a professional career as IT and management consultant before focussing on sports management.

Markus is World Sailing International Race Officer, International Judge, and has recently be appointed as Chairman of the World Sailing Classes Committee which he represents in the World Sailing Council.

As the IKA's competition manager he is dedicated to bring the best possible conditions on and off the water to the riders and to highlight their skills in media world wide.

pilarlopez       Pilar Lopez Fernandez

Term: Until 2019

  A highly experienced event management professional with over 10 years of international experience across a variety of fleets up to world championship level. PHD qualified in marine science and complimented with a MBA in sports management.

World Sailing International Measurer since 2004 and Chief measure for Kite boarding since 2013.

Pilar was the first women at the Olympic Equipment Inspection Committee at the Olympics (Rio 2016).

"I have been sailing boats since I was 4 years old, and now keep learning kiteboarding and enjoying the fun"
hamid   Treasurer   Hamid Shomali

Term: Until 2019


Hamid is one of First Kiteboarder in Iran & Founder of Iran kiteboarding association. he is Chairman of National Class from beginning in 2015 . also Member of Iran Sailing Federation and development manager of sailing in Persian gulf too.
He is Sport Manager of Biggest water Sport & Marina complex in country in Kish Island Free Zone.

Hamid has professional experience in Business Development, Safety,  marketing, Advertisement & Sport Sponsorship Planning. He is IMM Certified (from Global Marina Institute).


Rajko Vodisek

Term: Until 2019

  Rajko started sailing on optimist class boat when he was 6 years old.

In 1978 he started windsurfing and won a national youth title on windsurf D2 class.

In 2001 he started to kite and from 2009 to 2013 he competed in course racing.

Rajko is now working on kids education, help people to understand the philosophy of sport and keeps trying to win more and more medals with his students.

Mario Sampaolesi

Term: Until 2019

  Director of SKBS Argentina and president of SDG, author of AAK security standards and training program Instructors. President of AAK.

Coach Youth Olympic Team TTR.
    Athlete's Representative  

Denis Taradin

Term: 2020/2021

    Vice President Formula Kite  

Spyros Krotsis

Term: 2020/2021


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